[b18] Drop on Water (Fast and Clean)

MOD Desc
Tired of burning or sell all your inutile items and… corpses?
YOUR TROUBLES ARE OVER! Just drop they on water when nobody is looking!

Drop Spot This mod add a spot that require deep water to be placed.
The spot have a bills tab to you choice whathever you want.
Any stuff dropped in this spot fade away like magic.
The job is done by haulers and don’t require much work.

Be careful! Stuff dropped on water can’t be recovered.

EasterEgg Sometimes the spot give a special item…

Compatibility Compatible with existent saves and other mods.
Works normally with new items, they are the same garbage on the deep ocean.
May present inconsistencies with mods that add new floors.
(example: be able to set the spot in strange places).

Links • Download[www.dropbox.com]

Changelog 01/24/18 – added an easter egg.
01/20/18 – added two recipes: drop anything x25 / drop anything x75.

My partner bought this game and I decided to give it a shot and was immediatley hooked.

I have just around 6 hours and I have decided to tab out of my game to write this review on why i believe you should buy this gmae. The following harrowing tale has just taken place in the space of about 15 minutes irl time and nothing i am about to recount has been made up. It has all just unfolded in front of my eyes and i just had to share the experience before i forget all the minor details.

It is the 6th of summer. After being banished from their previous tribe this band of plucky cavemen and women set out to start a new.

After a month of toil and food all but run out. Today is the day of the big harvest, at least, it was supposed to be.

It is a chilly morning. 3 degrees c but the sun has risen and its warming up niceley. Everyone is ready to take in the harvest when V3trox spies some raiders to the north. Fortunatley we have prepared for this. The tribe is all skilled in the use of bows and our recent addition ‘toad’ has been working hard to equip everyone with a bow.

V3trox calls the whole tribe to arms but leaves toad behind as she is an outsider and has no place fighting for the tribe and is left to perform the cleaning duties.

3 radiers come into sight. One armed with a shotgun, another with an smg and the last with a pistol. 3 against 5. We may have more men, but they have gunpowder. V3trox takes the head of the group. Velaniel, Mantis, Berro and Hawk stand behind him. The bows out range the guns, but not by much, enough to to get a wave of arrows in befor the enemy come in range.

The first withering hail of arrows is released in a catastrophic failure, All 5 arrows completley miss, the tone of the battle is set. The first raider, armed with an smg opens up with a burst of shots. The group of tribesmen is peppered but mostly superficial wounds. A leg is shot here, an arm there but the tribesmen hold their ground and let loose another round of arrows. A couple hit but the damage is superficial. All 3 raiders are in range.

The tribesmen are quickly mowed down in a merciless shower of leaded death. V3trox is the first to fall. A shotgun sweeps across him. His torso shredded, a hole in his stomach, damage to his left leg, his left foot is nowhere to be seen and in its place just a bloodied stump.

Mantis is decimated. Smg rounds in every part of his body including his spine.

Berro takes two full shotgun blasts. Blood pooling beneath her

Hawk takes the worst. Every raider scores a good hit on poor Hawk with both kidneys sporting nasty bullet holes.

At this point all the tribesmen are still alive, albiet downed in pools of blood and vicera. Some concious and unable to walk. Others plain unconcious

Velaniel retreats to the safety of the camp and to seek aid from Toad but all is not lost. One of the raiders is downed under the pouring stream of arrows. The remaining 2 raiders, satisfied with the damage they have caused proceed to try and take a prisoner each and proceed to pick up Hawk and V3trox but a stray arrow landing on the floor forces one raider to drop v3trox on the ground. The raider turns around to see Toad screeming at the top of her lungs brandishing a spear. He gets hit, somewhere in the torso. The raider lashes out. A flurry of punches knocks Toad to the ground giving the raider time to flee. Toad is down and out. The final raider, a blonde female, runs with v3trox over her shoulder. Who knows what these raiders want but she was desperate to get v3trox back to her camp.

Velaniel is trying to chase but struggles to breath. A stray bullet from the initial engagment has punctured her lung. Thats not going to stop her though. She continues the chase, launching arrows at the final raider. Each one lands a hit, each arrow slowing the raider to a bloodied stop.

The fight is over, Velaniel gasping for air refuses to give in. The future of her tribe is at stake. She cannot afford to simply lay down and give up. She grabs v3trox and takes him back to the camp. She does the same to the rest of the downed tribesmen. Bleeding and gasping for breath she gets them all home. Velaniel stares at her dying tribe. No one will survive, they have all lost to much blood, had to many damaged organs. Only one person will survive. She walkes up to toads bed. What a . A few punches and she was on the ground unconcious. This outsider. With only a few cuts and bruises. Velaniel tries to patch up some of the cuts whilst all the tribesmen she worked so hard to rescue all bleedout in their beds.

Velaniel applies the final bandage before passing out on the floor, air failing to fill one lung. Toad awakes to see her saviour lying on the floor and carries her to her bed and applies whatever medical care she can muster…Will she survive without meds.

This was too good for me not to share. I could restart with a new game or i could struggle to survive with just one survivor, maybe two but its unlikely

Rimworld, AKA war crime simulator. This game is basically The Sims for psychopaths.

The basic premise of the game is you start with a few colonists called pawns and you have to manage their day to day tasks to keep them alive. Pawns have a set of traits and skills that specialize them in some form of colony job. They also have passions for these skills that determine how fast they improve their skills. No passion = slower learning, minor passion = normal learning speed, burning passion = improved learning speed. Traits are characteristics of your pawns that give them character quarks. These include things like faster movement speed, faster work speed, greatly improved work speed but they have mental breakdowns easier, being ghey, cannibalism, psychopathy, misandry, misogyny, pyromania, and many many more. Pro tip, never recruit a pyromaniac.

The main draw of the game is an interesting storytelling device, and I don’t mean the AI storytellers, more on them later. The game is at many times, just as entertaining to fail as it is to succeed because of this. Some examples of this. I had a pawn who was exceptional at making art sculptures that I’d sell for $$ that I named after a buddy of mine, well call him Josh. One day a group of pirates landed right inside my compound using drop pods. There weren’t that many of them, but they were well armed. One pirate landed right in Josh’s room while he was sleeping wearing full power armor and a fully automatic shotgun. Homie opened up a can of hurt on Josh and blew both his legs off, incapacitating him. The other unfortunate pirates landed in my warg kennel which housed 15 trained attack wargs. Wargs for those of you that don’t know are basically genetic abominations. They’re basically super huge, super angry wolves that eat nothing except corpses and raw meat. The pirates thought they were getting some free booty, instead they realized they were just uber eats for my doggos. Hearing the sounds of his other friends being ripped apart like so much tissue paper, the last pirate decided to take whatever valuable he could find and F off back home. The only thing of value within snatching distance was my artist Josh. So the pirate drug Josh with his still bleeding stumps where his legs used to be off of the map. 3 in game years later I get a distress signal from a pawn that’s wounded out in the wilderness. The message says they were previously from my colony, it was Josh again. I send a team of colonists to rescue him and lo and behold, he’s still bleeding from the stumps of his legs. I patch him up, install bionic legs on him, and get him back to work ding the only thing he’s good at, making sexy sculptures to sell for big $$.

These kinds of events happen because of the AI storyteller I mentioned earlier. There are 3 story tellers who determine what random events happen and when. They are Pheobe Chillax, Cassandra Classic, and Randy Random. At first glance you’d think these are easy, medium, and hard respectively, but you’d be wrong. Phoebe is the worst AI for a new player to start out with. The way she works is she keeps things mostly peaceful for quite awhile, you get mainly positive events with the only negative events being minor annoyances. This goes on for a really long time, sometimes entire in game years. But then eventually she turns on you and hits you like a sack of bricks. She’ll infect half your colony with the plague, the other half with malaria, and send 50+ tribal cannibals to tear down your homes in the same day. Cassandra slowly ramps up the difficulty as the game goes on. She’s the most balanced Ai for difficulty, but late game she can be the hardest to manage. The absolute worst raids that have ever happened to me were with this AI. Then there’s good ol’ Randy, the objectively best AI. Randy Random is…random. Randy’s just a big ol’ troll, he doesn’t care if you fail or succeed, he just wants his keks. Sometimes he’ll drop cargo pods full of tons of high end medicine on your colony, sometimes those pods have 23 wooden feet. Sometimes he’ll blow up a volcano, covering your colony in ash, slowing crop growth and decreasing your solar power efficiency. Meanwhile he’ll also drop an ancient psychic ship on your colony filled with alien robots that want to murder you. These AI can be changed at anytime through the menu. Randy is actually the easiest to deal with really late into the game. If you’re on Cassandra and she’s starting to send things at you you can’t really deal with, try switching to Randy.

lastly, this game has pretty decent mod support and a decent sized community behind it. There are a number of mods that help fix up the core gameplay like Fluffy’s various mods. There’s Rimsenal which adds a bunch of new hi tech sci-fi weapons and armor, and some new hostile factions to use them on. Questionable ethics which lets you grow clones, and many many more great mods that let you create the sci-fi colony you want.

I’d suggest watching SsethTzeentach’s video on Rimworld. It’s what convinced me to buy the game.

Oh Rimworld…
Here’s the skinny.
Its an absolute balst of a colony building game with many different styles of play and seriously un-frickin-limited fun and play time. I eagerly await every update because when Tynon Sylvester drops it, you know you have tons of new content to explore. Its a better city* builder than Cities XL! (I know Skylines trumps) Agh a tangent, oh by the way your characters are so deep and engaged. When you see Carl ‘Smitty’ Robinson pick up a mining pick and get to work you know he is doing it with the colony in mind because according his cliff notes bio, he is big into that shiz. Great game, I’ll buy it for you** if you don’t believe me.

*Categorization of a city is loose here. You usually dont exceed like 30 rooms. Not a city by any means but the management is the point I was going for.
**When its on sale. And you have to be a generally good person.

Here’s my fan-fiction of a recent (short) playthrough. I dont capture the detail of the game but, this is just a short few days in the life of a colonist on the rim.

‘Lilith, Sleepy and I were all set up. Shaken after a shirtless man ran from the hills at us with a club but Sleepy dealt with that last night. … ‘
Marcie shakes her head recalling last nights attack. This is exactly what she’d been training her husky ‘Corumba’ for. Well Corumba and Dynamo, the rhino who came from the wilds and formed an unusual bond with her. All-in-all, things had been going well.
‘The rice paddy has been fruitful, finally!’ Marcie remarks excitedly, trying to shake the image of the club wielding maniac.
‘I think I’ve collected enough for us to make it through the entire month! Good timing too, with our MRE supple running low. Now if only we had a place to store them. Sleepy said he’d put up the final wall and roof of our workshop.’ Air-quoting workshop, obviously displeased with the progress. ‘But he’s been working on smoothing out our floors for so long, I’m not sure it will ever go up. I mean, what he’s accomplished is nice, but…. ‘ Marcie pauses again, something still keeping her attention.
There’s a look on her face, perhaps she is remembering the attacker again… No. It something different, something she can’t comprehend. It’s a distant stare, whatever she is remembering wears deep lines into her young round face. She has the wrinkles of a face accustomed to smiling, but after listening to her recount her tale, her smiles seem disingenuous. They don’t match the mould of her wrinkles.
She looks back at you, noticing you see her mental struggle.
Marcie takes a newer, lower accusing tone. ‘You were there weren’t you?’ Her face and posture shifting into something defensive. ‘It was so hot. Sleepy told me to rest, but even in my room, I couldn’t cool off.’ Sweat begins to bead off of her forehead. She’s remembering the sweltering heat all too vividly.
‘Lilith had been in and out of consciousness for most of the day. I could hardly stand. When Sleepy said he had to keep working on the floors I took him for a fool, just trying to sneak off to take a break and play horseshoes in the back again. But no, he took a few steps out of my room. He took the rag from my forehead with him, and … I remember hearing him drop to the floor outside.’ Marcie is in a near panicked state. Tears and sweat dripping down her face. Her ill-fitting, pale-blue synthread uniform is dirty and wet with sweat. She wipes her forehead and looks into your eyes. ‘I tried to get up. I really did. I hardly got a leg out of my straw-grass bed and it all went black. But thats not all. I remember the man-in-black. At first I thought he was a reaper, checking my pulse to see if he could claim my soul yet. But no, he put a cool rag on my forehead and readjusted me in my bed. I lost track of time but for a day or two he kept checking on me, keeping me comfortable. He came in and sat by my bed for a long time and wept. Finally taking off his black hat. He kept his head down, holding my hand, but I felt no better. I don’t remember ever feeling better.’
Marcie stops, mouth agape. Her hand goes over her mouth and she hyperventilates. She whips back and forth, round and round. Just now taking in her surroundings. You both take a step forward in line.
The line stretches down a long black flagstone path, a deep void on either side. You see Marcie’s eyes track down, past the hundred or so others in line most of them in ill-fitting pale-blue synthread uniforms, to the gate over your shoulder. Large mechanical beings push and shove people through the gate one at a time, after analyzing each one for some time.
Marcie’s eyes track back to yours. She was much more exciting when she was scared. If only that bastard hadn’t of stuck you in the ribs. You woulda clubbed his ‘ead in good. Then this little lady woulda had a real treat. A sinister smile eases onto your face. How can she not remember you?
You both take another step forward.

(No, you dont actually get to go to hell.)

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