No Random Construction Quality

MOD Desc
This mod is written by BallC and all credit goes to him. I’ve only updated the mod to 1.1.

This mod simply overrides the random quality rolls when you build furniture/items and instead uses a static function to determine what quality the resulting item is.

Skill Level Range & Resulting Item Quality 0-3 Awful
4-7 Poor
8-10 Normal
11-13 Good
14-16 Excellent
17-19 Masterwork
20-20 Legendary

Also removes the crafting notifications for Legendary objects.

Based on Static Quality Plus.

I barely scratched the surface of the game after 20 hours and it took me some time to learn the basics but here i am writing a review about a game i found too expensive to buy at first.

To understand how beautiful this game is, you’ll have to be patient at first to learn the ropes of the game. As the controls get easier, you’ll become more and more emotionnaly attached to your characters and you’ll understand that you have to take their personality into account if you are to survive.

I’m more of a FPS gamer but i’m having a good time playing this game and i’m genuinely stressed every fight and happy whenever i overcome the obstacles the game offers.

The replayability is infinite as each game is a story and it’s your move to make it a happy one.

Definitely worth a buy as it’s one of a kind.

At a current 746 hours (plus God only knows how many via the pre-Steam versions) Rimworld has to be hands down the best early access game I’ve ever played. The time and effort put in over the last five years by Ludeon Studios goes above and beyond what they initially promised, and now that it’s finally released with the 1.0 update, I can’t think of a better time for others to experience this work of art.

Between the core mechanics, the absolutely tremendous modding community, and the bizarre randomness of the game’s events (rabid pack of man-eating hillas, anyone?), this game is worth every penny and truly is the gold standard of how early access games should be done. Adapt, survive, and overcome in one of the most replayable journeys available on Steam.

Do yourself (and Tynan) a favor by trying out Rimworld today!

Just found out that Rimworld is on steam now, Played the game since alpha 11, Never a dull moment in this game, its a fantastic game with a very immersive gameplay that punishes everything you do and bearly ever rewards you. A perfect colony simulator. So many injuries, illnesses and things that resoult in a colonist getting a mental breakdown or going berserk. I never played such a detailed game ever in my life. All I can say, The game is worth every single cent you pay for it, you really get what you pay for. Even if I try I can’t find any major drawbacks of the game, or any cons at that. This game is just perfect, streight 10/10. I must’ve spent like few hundred hours in this game already before it came to steam. And remember kids, Bloodlust, Psyhopath and Abrasive (On one colonist) is the best way to get your colony destroyed. 🙂

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