[RF] Rim Disorders [1.0]

MOD Desc
‘Rim Disorders,’ a mod originally created for RimWorld a17 by SeveralPuffins, introduces more misery, trauma, and poor mental health to your vibrant, lively colony! Pawns will develop, either randomly or due to trauma, new mental health disorders, which can only be cured slowly, through counseling.

Note that this mod will make your pawns’ lives more difficult! Your best researcher, locked in a dark room, may become depressed and unable to think through problems any more. Your best soldier may find herself unable to return to the front line without having panic attacks. But don’t worry; if you feel the balance isn’t quite what you want, the rates at which the diseases manifest, and the strength of counseling, can all be changed in the mod’s ‘options’ menu.

— Rainbeau Flambe (dburgdorf)

What the Mod Does:
(1) Adds Illnesses.

– Depression: Triggered by random chance, extreme low mood, downer addiction or witnessing death. Depressed colonists are slower, unhappier, and have impaired cognitive function. Moderately depressed colonists are more likely to go on food binges. Extremely depressed colonists are a suicide risk if they pass the mental break threshold. (This risk vanishes if they’re arrested and confined for the duration of the episode.) Suicidal mental breaks happen quickly, so it’s best to stop them before it gets that far.

– Generalized Anxiety: Triggered by extreme low mood, any single large stressor, stimulant addiction or random chance. Anxious colonists will be worse at talking, more unhappy, and will have a higher mental break threshold and moderately impaired global work speed. Extremely anxious colonists may have panic attacks as mental breaks.

– Cleanliness-OCD: Triggered by random chance, extreme sickness and exposure to rotting corpses. Affected colonists will have a lowered global work speed through worries and rituals and will be unhappy in rooms that are not perfectly clean. Extreme cases may result in mental breaks to obsessively (but not efficiently) clean the home area.

– PTSD: Triggered occasionally when downed. Affected colonists have a higher mental break threshold and are somewhat more likely to get into social fights. Moderate and extreme cases will suffer from panic attacks when an enemy is near, and extreme cases will suffer from panic attacks even outside of this situation.

(2) Adds Disorders.

– Autism Spectrum Disorder: Colonists on this spectrum take a hit on social interactions. They also react negatively to prioritized work, preferring an order they settle on themselves. For those with minor autism, this is a minor irritation, for those with moderate autism, it’s a major irritation, and those with extreme autism will often ignore prioritized work completely. This includes being drafted!

– ADHD: Colonists with ADHD will drop jobs entirely and wander off to do something else. The regularity with which they do this depends on the severity of the ADHD.

Both of these health effects are developed in early life, rather than in response to circumstances. They are not mental illnesses, and so cannot be ‘cured.’

(3) Adds Counseling.

Counseling appears as a bill on the individual with the illness, like surgery. A counselor must be trained to a certain degree in Medicine in order to perform the bill, but the magnitude of their success will be based on their Social skill. Counseling reduces both the present and the maximum severity of an illness. It can only occur once per day. If a patient is counseled to the point where the illness is permanently controlled, it will be removed, though it may recur if triggered anew.

(An additional note from SeveralPuffins, the mod’s original creator, on how counseling currently works: ‘Counseled patients currently go to sleep whilst someone makes metalwork noises at them. My headcanon: 3X1st century counseling is mostly about hypnosis, strobe lights and chimes. I’m pretty sure I’m getting that image from ‘Hannibal.”)

‘Rim Disorders’ can safely be added to a game in progress. Removing it from a game in progress, however, could create problems.

I am as yet unaware of any conflicts with other mods.

Obviously, my version of ‘Rim Disorders’ owes a great deal to SeveralPuffins, who originally created it. I have, myself, done little with it so far beyond simply ensuring that it functions in RimWorld 1.0.

If you’re a modpack maker and want to include ‘Rim Disorders’ in your pack, or if you’re a modder and want to use it as the basis of a derivative mod, please feel free to do so. I ask only that you let me know about it, and that you credit both me and SeveralPuffins.

The Ludeon forums discussion thread for my mods can be found here[ludeon.com].

If you have any (helpful) suggestions for improvement, please let me know!

My mods are free, but if you’d like to buy me a Dr Pepper[ko-fi.com], I wouldn’t complain.

  • Sadly I’ve got a bug that got one of my colonists stuck in an endless loop while on an OCD break.Dickson started 10 jobs in 10 ticks. List: (DoBill (Job_2983904) A=Thing_TableSculpting125985) , (DoBill (Job_2983909) A=Thing_TableSculpting125985) , (DoBill (Job_2983913) A=Thing_TableSculpting125985) , (DoBill (Job_2983918) A=Thing_TableSculpting125985) , (DoBill (Job_2983923) A=Thing_TableSculpting125985) , (DoBill (Job_2983927) A=Thing_TableSculpting125985) , (DoBill (Job_2983931) A=Thing_TableSculpting125985) , (DoBill (Job_2983935) A=Thing_TableSculpting125985) , (DoBill (Job_2983939) A=Thing_TableSculpting125985) , (DoBill (Job_2983943) A=Thing_TableSculpting125985) curDriver=JobDriver_DoBill (toilIndex=19) curJob=(DoBill (Job_2983943) A=Thing_Filth_Dirt1078199 B=Thing_UnfinishedSculpture1024518 C=(138, 0, 141)) lastJobGiver=RimWorld.JobGiver_WorkHugs Log: https://gist.github.com/HugsLibRecordKeeper/25d37b936f9eee5d29434f0543edd56f
  • Specifically, I’m interested in making the two disorders more along the lines of unique tradeoffs rather than straight deficits. Something along the lines of:1) those with Autism have all the current effects, but their learning rate for passions are increased. e.g. minor passions become 1x -> (1.1x, 1.2x, 1.3x) gain and burning passions become 1.5x -> (1.6x, 1.7x, 1.8x) gain for autism levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively. This makes pawns with autism less versatile per the current effects, but also have the possibility to become highly specialized.2) those with ADHD have an scaling increase in the rate of recreation gain and/or a scaling decrease in the duration of thoughts, both good and bad. These effects would also disappear like the existing ones when AHDH is ‘controlled’. This leads to a interested decision for players on whether to control ADHD or not for given circumstances.
  • Hi RF hope you are well. I love your work and I hope you continue to develop more content.Small issue with the current mod, as others have mentioned – c-OCD is broken at the moment. It got to the point where my pawn has a debuf of -12 to mood due to having the ailment. As of now it cannot be cured as I see it because the relevant operation option (counsel) is not showing up anymore (weird right?). It got to this point after about 3 automated counseling sessions involving my level 8 medic pawn. After each session a small dialog box would show that the treatment was effective upto a certain point. At the moment my OCD pawn has a permanent mood debuff that cannot be removed by changing any of the mod setting. Please try to fix this small issue, otherwise the mod is great. Some of my other pawns have had ptsd and anxiety in previous playthroughs which got resolved through counseling.
  • I never seen anything that adds dart throwers, or other ‘dungeon’ like trap systems even on Rimworld Forums, also the suggestion topics are really awful as of late, people have weird interests, The Sims 3 has lots of expansions with more complex trap systems than rimworld and you’re not actually in danger of death near those, crazy levers that open hidden walls, shock/flame traps that active once you step on a ground activator, dart throwers, insect/snake deathrooms, frenzy gas pressure plate I have yet to see anything that looks like a dungeon using only spike traps, some traps just for laughts or KOs for slavers and organ salvagers, I will use those bear traps for b19 then, maybe remote explosives mod and gas and shells mod could add more quality, rainbeau storyteller has been very naughty sending me too many raids, on storage crates mod, I should have given it a quick look before making a comment, shame.

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