T-45b Power Armor (B18)

MOD Desc
The Original T-45b Mod by: JangoD’soul

B18 update for the A17 update for the A14 original.

Ashborn’s Project Fallout (with other armors and other goodies): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=725471844

Been playing this game before it was on Steam and enjoyed it.
A mix of Prison Architect in the looks and feeling but with more Dwarf Fortress-like gameplay.

You basically own control on a few survivors on a very random biome and try to survive by settling in.
construct bit of wall by bit of wall, make a comfortable place for your colonists to survive the wild beasts and the heat or cold and start crafting and researching better technologies to finaly send your colonists back to space.
Pretty simple !

Though, you will learn to love your colonists. They are very precious, they will fall ill, they will get shot, some will die but you really don’t want to be alone in there nor do you want to take care of a crippled colonist in those hard conditions.

There are a lot of features in the game:
– Mood, detailed health, drugs, psychology
– Temperature control with AC and heaters. You can even do a fridge room to keep your food from rotting
– crafting of gears, weapons, art, furniture …
– research
– Capture / emprisonning / recruitement
– Animals getting crazy or retaliating
– mining, chopping, gathering
– Electricity : generators, batteries, solar panels, light bulbs, AC
– Defend, siege or attack
– Random events : People to rescue from a bad landing, travelers to greet and trade with, raiders

If I had to find a few CON, I would mention
– the kinda annoying interface where you can construct almost anything with whatever resource you have (wood, different stones, steel…) but not really obvious to do
– The strange kind of skill tree where some colonists are even completely unable of doing some tasks… so a bit of a luck there… but just annoying and forced me to cheat to get an extra colonist.
– The lack of clarity on the task orders, sometimes, like for research, you don’t really know when the dedicated colonist will want to do that task and you can’t force him.
– very limited resources on the map, no digging into lower grounds either.
– The very unforgiving battles. Your colonists are weak and you will need top notch gears to protect them a bit

But aboslutely great game !

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