A18 Ceiling and Floor Lamps

MOD Desc
Simple mod that adds some ceiling and floor lamps to the game. (now also a wall light)

There is a normal floor and corner flooar variant. (5 W)

There are 4 ceiling lamp variants: (45 W)

– 1×1

– 2×1 centered

– 2×2 centerd

– 2×2 table (its slightly offset so it centers above a table nicely)

One wall lamp (20 W)

If you have any suggestions about the graphics, would like to help or ideas aobut any frther types of lights – dont be afraid to comment!

Hey there, I really love your mod, but I’ve got some questions questions:* Is there a way to make the lamps not take up space? I’ve placed ceiling lamps in my storage, and beneath the lamp they wont store anything as the lamp takes its space.* Could you maybe make the wall lamps ‘real’ wall lamps, like make them install IN the wall like the cooler/heater from RedistHeat?* Could you maybe add some kind of transparency slider to make them a bit less visible?

If people wish to add this to their B19 version untill it gets updated, just follow this.1- Open steam folder on your pc2- Open steamapps then go to workshop and open the content folder3- Open the folder ‘294100’ this is rimworld4- Find the folder named ‘932690569’ and from there open up the ‘About’ XML file5- Finally in the text find the string named ‘targetVersion’ ONLY change the numbers to ‘0.19.000’ And it will then work in B19! 🙂 Hope this is okay modmaker!

I haven’t used this mod yet, but with similar problems in the past, what you have to do is place the item with the interaction spot last and it will function normally. So place your light where you want it, then place your item with the interaction spot (you might need to activate ‘God Mode’). I had this issue with radiators, toilets, sinks, and wall and ground lights. It’s likely this will behave the same.

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