[B19] Mass Graves

MOD Desc
For 1.0 Version Click Here

[B19] Adds mass graves to allow easier disposing of raider corpses.

Original author is NoImageAvailable
Some changes in code and update to B18 by Kartel’ and update to B19 by Pyrce

Non-steam official version[ludeon.com] (by NoImageAvailable)
Non-steam B19 port[github.com] (by Pyrce)

There’s a bug where the colonists will not bury anyone in any graves (mass and regular) while this mod is on. I had everything set to work, but they would not haul the body. Not forbidden, they’re in the home area, settings set to allow all, but no dice. Only when I turned off the mod, reloaded, and made a regular grave did they bury them.

naa m8 more people died in Gulags, idk what your point was anyways when ‘correcting’ it’s as if you want to change the joke from calling commies evil to calling Germans evil rather than just leaving well enough alone, do you get uncomfortable when people talk badly of commies and only when it’s commies feel a need to change opinions, norms, and perspectives? are you a communist by chance?-he gave input with respect, and you call him stupid, absolutely barbaric!your counter-input is less valuble than his legitimate input.it’s good for short term use such as neothithic stages in the game, and also is less time consuming cuz you don’t need to worry about burning the clothes separately, long term industrial stage colonies will want to use cremation tho, yes.

The graves get filled in after a body is added. I have to un-bury the bodies (dig the hole up again) then add another body, and have to dig it all up again for the next one. Makes it very difficult to remove prisoner bodies in a mass-grave site except for making a special area for it, using a ‘stockpile’ zone, that nobody besides the people working the prison shift can actually enter and see.

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