It’s Dangerous to Come Along

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‘Fido. Fido! Stay, boy. Stay. Stay! Fido, stay! No, over there. By the corn. Go! Go to the corn! Okay. Hold on. Okay. Come here, Fido. Come here. Now . . . Stay! Stay! No, stop! Ack! No licking! Fido! Sit! Stay! Sit! Dammit, Fido!’


‘Yeah, Chef?’

‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m tryin’ to get Fido to stay here. It’s too dangerous out there, fighting that infestation. Fido’ll get hurt.’

‘I can just assign him away from you.’

‘But . . . Fido! He’s mah animal! I can’t leave him, I’ll go berserk, and the fire spirits will start talkin’ to me again!’

‘Okay. Yes. That would be bad. But it’s just for a few minutes. That’ll be okay, right?’

‘. . . Yeah. Ah guess. Just don’t forget, okay?’

‘Okay. I promise.’


‘Oh, and, uh, Zoya?’


‘Why did you name a camel ‘Fido’?’


I got annoyed at pets following drafted pawns around. This is almost never the thing I want, so I kept unassigning pets, then reassigning them, and it was a huge pain.

This mod makes it so that pets will no longer follow drafted pawns. In an attempt to preserve the behavior where pets will protect their masters from kidnapping, they *will* head over to their master if they’re downed, for whatever reason.

This has the unintended side effect that characters undergoing surgery will be surrounded by their pets until they wake up.

Unintended, but hilarious, and kind of cute.

I left it in.

Does not require a new save game – this can be transparently added and removed from any savegame you already have.

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  • I don’t think it’ll make a big difference, honestly – unless you have an entire barn assigned to your surgery patient, it’s unlikely to be more than one or two patches of dirt. Consider it a balancing factor for the convenience :)If you really want that to go away, you can either unassign animals or simply forbid the door while the surgery is going on; I feel like surgery is a lot less common than drafting, so this is probably still a time savings for you.
  • I’ve actually considered releasing a little standalone version of what is IMO the most important part of CCL, but frankly it’s small enough that anyone who knows how to use it can do it themselves. So I haven’t bothered. :VI will admit I’m dreading A16 coming up, especially since I haven’t yet released half my mods and there’s gonna be a lot of tinkering required.
  • hmm, interesting idea. I’m not sure that’s possible, though – I’m not sure there’s a way to simultaneously obey zone restrictiosn and follow master. I mean, it’s *possible*, everything’s possible in the rimworld mod system, it might just be nightmarishly complex :VThe ‘follow master’ behavior is part of the animal’s behavior tree – it’s basically got a little chunk of behavior that includes ‘stay near master’ whenever the master is drafted. The mod turns that off, and also disables a bit of code that makes them ignore area restrictions when their master is drafted. I will admit I’m not sure what happens if that code is disabled but the main ‘follow’ behavior is enabled; I may try it out.With this mod, it basically just ignores the ‘draft’ flag. Pets of non-drafted characters, by default, just wander around whatever area they’re assigned to.
  • That does sound adorable.Haven’t had a chance to even download it yet but – possible change recommendation?Is there a way to make it so that animals will still follow their master, but will obey area restrictions? Or is the whole reason they don’t obey area restrictions because their master is drafted, ignoring human restrictions, and this ‘drafted’ behaviour is also extended to the animal?Does the mod only affect animals when masters are drafted, and they will follow at all other times?
  • Man, your mods are excellent… Nothing against the story you write for each one, I find them entertaining, but maybe you should put the description up front so that it pops up on the tooltip when browsing mods? I use a bunch of your mods and they’re great, but when a new one pops up in the list it would be nice to see what it does without having to click into it. Currenlty the tooltips just show like the first line of whatever story you write in there. Just a thought.
  • My animal handler named a boomrat ‘Sashimi’ and a worm ‘Shigeko’, and my cook named a megasquid ‘Ivy’. Go figure, huh?You might ask ‘What’s in a name?’, but consider whether Mick Jagger would have been as popular as he was if his name had been ‘Biff Turkle’, or if Elton John would have been so successful under the name ‘Reginald Dwight’.Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.Jay-z.Reverend Run.Kid Rock.Cher. Sting, fer cryin’ out loud!Sorry, I got carried away.

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