Medieval Medicines

MOD Desc

New medicines intended to create tiered alternatives to herbal medicine. Effectiveness ranges from slightly better than herbal medicine to slightly better than industrial medicine. Intended for medieval playthroughs.

Medicine Tiers:
Early Medieval – Slightly better than herbal medicine.

Late Medieval – Slightly worse than industrial medicine from vanilla.

Paresian – Slightly better than industrial medicine from vanilla, a kind of Glitterworld stand-in for medieval playthroughs.

Each medicine is locked behind a research project, and each individual medicine is somewhat expensive to make. I prefer things to be too expensive rather than too cheap for balancing purposes.

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This is one of the most expensive indie games I’ve ever bought, but also one of the best values I’ve ever gotten in recent times (maybe besides minecraft tho I got that ages ago). This game is like… The Sims, in that you have all these characters you control directly and indirectly, you make a home for them, you survive and go on adventures, but the events can be a bit more gruesome at times. It’s a ton of fun, you can get so many interesting stories going, you can make challenges for yourself, make goals for characters, whatever you can think of. Def recommended if you like sandbox games, if you like setting your own goals. I’ve yet to actually ‘finish’ the game as intended, but I’ve had almost 200 hours of fun building bases, making art, trading, turning people into cool cyborgs (one of my fave things to do as a transhumanist both irl and usually my characters), make up petty feuds in your head and deciding you want to burn a faction to the ground for killing one of your pet ducks and then 20 hours later start a new save not yet having acchieved that goal xD. There’s just a lot to do, it’s a lot of fun. If you enjoy watching people play it, you’ll 100% enjoy playing the game yourself. Oh, can be a bit of a time investment tho, for those of you with less time to spare!!
Edit: The mods for the game can easily double, triple, quadruple the time you want to spend with it. They’re a ton of fun and 100% recommended. At first maybe play it without any mods, but maybe slowly start bringing in some utility mods (stuff ot make controlling your base easier), and then start bringing in extra content

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