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***This mod has not been updated to 1.1 and will not be in the foreseeable future. See comments for details. Apologies for the inconvenience.***

Unclaim structures and buildings causing enemies to not target those structures and colonist to not repair them.

If you’re like me then you like digging yourself into the side of a mountain, setting up the perfect hallway of death, then accidently mining out a tile you didn’t mean to. Now your perfect killway is ruined by that one little nook that some jerk with a sniper rifle is going to use for cover. You could just fill it in with a wall, but now all the raiders are hung up punching that tiny patch of steel wall. Well no more!

This mod adds a new command under the orders tab that allows you to unclaim structures. When a structure is unclaimed it will (mostly) be treated like ruins, colonist will not repair or use it and enemies are much less likely to attack it. It will no longer count towards the wealth of your colony and can be re-claimed whenever you want. Unclaimed turrets and defences will be considered hostile, so watch out.

**Warning: Be careful using this mod** It works with existing saves and has not caused any bugs or errors that I’ve seen, BUT there are some things I feel like I need to explain and I would really recommend you read the next bit.

How it works: The code for Rimworld doesn’t really allow for anything to be “unclaimed” by a faction. Once an object has it’s faction set the game will not allow it to go back to having a null faction. So, to work around that this mod doesn’t actually allow you to unclaim anything. Instead, when used on a structure, it sets the faction of that structure to be the Insects. Ya, apparently those jelly eating jerks have their own faction.

Reaction By Faction: Your colonist and Allied Factions: treat it like it’s not there. Like the ruins on the map when you spawn.
Hostile Factions: can target it, but the priority is so small they will attack basically anything else. They will dig through walls if it’s the only/quickest route, as they would stone.
Insects: don’t react to it at all. They will not be draw to unclaimed structures and they will not become hostile if the structure is attacked, destroyed, or reclaimed.
The building itself: is technically hostile. Since the insects are a hostile faction, anything unclaimed will be on their side. So if you try to unclaim a turret, well then you just gave the bugs a gun and they will tell it to shooting you.

Balancing Problems: I made this mod with the intent to only use it on walls I had to build to patch up my otherwise natural stone defences. However, after playing around with it I found that, if abused, this mod can be used to heavily manipulate the enemy AI. With the right set up you can get where most raids just wander around before giving up and leaving. I guess my point is: use sparingly, otherwise you will end up with a really boring game.

Before this game was released, I had at the very least 300 hours in the DRM-free game.

Although the game is in early access at the time of writing, it is still a fantastic game. It is, however, quite deep and rich. It is not an easy game to learn, and you will get punished, harshly, for apparently no reason. You think everything’s going pretty damn well, you finally got your new farm setup, all that’s left is setting up defenses on that si— aaaaand massive raid. Half your colony is dead. Your lovely farm is on fire. Raiders kidnap your main doctor, and shoot your dogs. They also blow up your generators, and it’s mid-winter, temperatures are -60ºC outside. They survive for the season, feeding on their dead comrades. The remaining few step out of their destroyed shelter as Spring comes, but it’s in the middle of the ice sheet, and even though it’s Spring, it’s still -40ºC. Everyone dies to the cold.

Editing this review to mention that the modding community is great. They manage to take the game a step further and really cover all the bases.

After nearly a 140 days my colony gets attacked by giant space bugs, entire place burns down when eradicating them. 10/10,

It’s a base builder where the primary enemy is luck. This is a game about failure and restarting regularly, or I’m just bad at it, one of the two.

Even once you learn the basics and get a decent colony up an running there’s always some catastrophe waiting to kick your , an alien spaceship filled with evil robots, a sudden chemical storm that kills your farms and keeps your colonists inside, or starship troops bugs that appear in your mine and the result extermination burns your colony to the ground.

You will fail, people will die, terrible things will happen at the worst possible moment. Welcome to Rimworld. 😉

Getting bored with standard rimworld or don’t like a feature? Check out the workshop for mods. Firey spaceship crashes, dozens of different weapons and guns, medieval tech tier, prostetics and bionics tech teir, MORE PLANT TYPES, AND MORE! Mods make this already awesome game, even more awesome.

This game is worth the $35, vanilla is fun, mods can spice things up, AND all mods compatible with 1.0 should stay compatible, because Tynan is not updating the game much anymore (Edit: I found out, he is. . . but it should be easy to update mods). It’s like, start on an ice sheet, burrow into a mountain, first raid is 200 people with charge rifles, everyone dies to falling roofs, except one person who is incapable of violence, and a night owl, and sleeping deep within the mountain, with fallen rocks blocking the entrance to his room. Then bugs tunnel in and kill him.

performance: 10/10. you can have a potato computer and still be able to play.
fun: 10/10. nothing bad about vanilla, but anything need, you can do with mods. Easily moddable, if you have any coding skills.
textures: 9/10. mostly tooken from Prison Architect, but everyone seems cool with it. cute.
community: 10/10. if you’re a newbie, there are veterans who are willing to help you, if you’re looking for someone to help, there always are more people to help.
overall 15/10

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