Self reloading traps

MOD Desc
add semi-permanent type trap. It cost a lot, but worth it.

this Texture is from Hearthstone by Blizzard Entertainment.

difference between original spike trap and this..

spike trap : 35
this : 150

need construct skill
spike trap : 3
this : 8

one time use
spike trap : yes
this : no, wait just 10 sec. 🙂

+ patch :

you can change traps damage, rechaging time, build cost, armor-penetrate in option setting.

changing build cost need restart game.

(1.0) this mod use Hugslib. not in 1.1.

-New 3 man colony.
-Map starts on mid summer, giving super short time to plant and harvest significant crops. (Boreal Forest)
-Colonists rush to mine a full shelter before the cold sets in
-Fall arrives and all crops die, yielding almost no food
-The shelter is half and barely finished, with only a few rooms dug out
-Suddenly realize there is barely any wild berries or animals on map
-Situation doesn’t look promising
-A wild Raid appears
-No one gets hurt
-Prisoner is captured in the hopes of adding extra hands for work
-Prisoner spends a couple of weeks in a room with no bed, no light and rubble still left in, without joining
-Food starts to run low
-No infrastructure to maintain a greenhouse and still little to no animals on map except for the ocassional squirrel, rat or rabbit
-Colonists tend to each other, draining med reserves faster than explosive diarreah
-Situations starting to look extremely dire
-Cold snap sets in
-There isn’t any piece of warm clothes around
-1 goes into hypothermia on top of his flu infection
-Finally food runs out late Fall
-1st day without food colonists stopped working, limiting themselves to curling up and crying
-2nd day 2 of them get up to try and get some work done, the other is so sick he can no longer leave the bed
-3rd day and the 2 still able colonists start to scheme about perhaps trying ”alternative foods”
-Prisoner overhears their conv and decides to GTFO ASAP
-Prisoner bides his time when suddenly he breaks down the door and makes a run for it
-Prisoner gets shot in the leg and incapacitated
-The 2 still able colonists decide to waste no time and eat him as is, not even waiting for him to die first.
-They devour his raw flesh while he screams in extreme pain and horror as the desperate colonists consume his innards
-Blood and guts everywhere
-Body is left out in the cold, they don’t even bother to store it properly
-After the horrible cannibalistic act the only female colonist has a complete mental breakdown, spending the rest of her days locked up in her room walking back and forth, scratching the walls and biting off her fingernails at the thought of what she had done.
-Only remaining able colonist is the leader, who managed to keep himself sane after eating a person without even bothering to butcher him first.
-Everyone is pretty much doomed by this point
-Next day colony leader has no choice but to breakfast on the corpse of the former prisoner
-Leader finally snaps and has complete mental breakdown
-He spends the remainder of his time staring into the horizon with a blank stare. Higher thought processes are now an impossibility for him.
-Sick guy dies in his bed
-Leader dies of hypothermia, standing and catathonic
-Finally girl stops running around her room and falls to the floor, still in mental breakdown. She dies.
-Yorkshire pet dog procedes to eat his former masters…

… … … … …


Would cannibalize and traumatize all over again~

I had never heard of this game until I happened across a YouTube video where a guy was doing a solo survival run on an ice sheet where his one colonist was a psychopathic cannibal who feasted upon the raw flesh of crashed survivors and fallen raiders, living a fraught and terrible existence, but steadily improving. The graphical quality, though low compared to the visual fireworks of modern-day video card busters, still had a charm and style of its own, and without knowing why, I had to have this game. I read some reviews just in case the Steam community knew something I didn’t (as it often does), but the ones I read were, for lack of a better term, Overwhelmingly Positive, as they also are at the time of writing this review.

I’d say the community nailed it on this one.

This game isn’t going to be for everyone. It’s not a feast for the eyes, so if all you want is moar graphics then it’s not going to imress you on that front. This game, however, is a feast for the MIND. It has aspects of simulation, survival, city building, and RTS. I’ve never played Dwarf Fortress myself but my understanding is that this game is a spiritual successor of sorts. I do know that this is now one of my favorite games of all time, a game with a ton of replay value and a lot going on despite a deceptively simple presentation. Your colonists have basic needs that must be fulfilled, but beyond that they have personalities, likes and dislikes, and relationships with each other and with visitors (and sometimes raiders) from outside the colony. They have skills, interests, and backgrounds which affect your gameplay and the decisions you have to make. Throw in varying amounts of RNG and you have a game that will stand the test of time, a true Indie gem.

In RimWorld I have:

-Watched in horror as a Wild Man from the wilderness named Nate entered my colonists’ living room and proceeded to hunt and kill their pet cat for food. I subsequently awoke the colonists and ordered them to murder and then bury the cat-killing savage, and Nate’s grave then became a source of relaxation and leisure for my colonists henceforth.

-Captured three prisoners taken from ancient stasis chambers, extracted the lungs from one in order to implant them into the other who had asthma in both lungs, and then hooked him and his daughter (the other prisoner) on a drug that turns you into a bloodthirsty maniac if you don’t get a dose, and then released them into the wasteland with nothing but a cotton T-shirt and pants. (I felt kinda bad about it afterwards, I’m not a complete monster)

-Forced my colonists to eat nutrient paste because cooking food takes longer, but letting them eat the paste in a room literally made out of gold so they’re ok with it.

This was all without mods. With mods, I have built androids and created superhuman colonists who carve golden idols of themselves while cloning organs and people with impunity. Though the game holds up on its own, the mods add tons of great new content and the modding community of this game is to be applauded.

So, I enthusiastically endorse this game at any price! 10/10 – Would forcibly harvest organs again!!!

So, in my first experience with this game I played the game for almost 10 hours straight on permadeath mode.
Decided to take the Randy Random storyteller as an option.

Here’s my story. ..
3 crash landed survivors. 2 brothers, in a spaceship, and then a meteor hit…err…Yeah so they landed on the planet in the far northern reaches, and built a sweet settlement. Had some visitor’s quarters that could house like 10+ people (ty mods). As our three adventurers went along, they recruited another 7 wanderers to join their settlement. In the first year’s winter, the old lady of the group lost her mind and decided to walk nude into the wilderness…everyone was sad when she died and a few settlers visited her grave for months after. Many raiders attempted to steal what the settlers built and grew, but through blood and kiting tactics, they survived. After the first full year, there were now 11 people in the settlement. Traders were a common sight, and the raiding had cooled off through the second winter. There were squabbles here and there, and the occasional rampant animal or man hunting pack of wild beasts. Overall it was quite peaceful; the settlers were able to create a life on this wild planet. They had gardens, electrical systems, defense grids, and even a hydroponics farm being built…and then it happened…

They came from the sky, 3 of them. These monstrosities in metal armor crashing through the roof of the home. They started with the scientist, gutted her right in front of the youngest one. She lost it and ran into the woods. Then the settlers banded together. They waited outside of the laboratory doors. Those steel encased doors that can hold back even the wildest of beast or raider. 9 people fully loaded with every ounce of firepower they had to offer. Even some EMP grenades they had scored off a few raiders who were unlucky enough to catch a few settlers hunting. They didn’t stand a chance. The doors came down like butter. The trade caravan that had been there, fled as soon as the fire started. There was nowhere to run. The metal beasts shrugged off every round fired, even the heavy machine gun couldn’t penetrate their armor. They barely scathed these monsters. 7 people went down in the melee. Only two escaped to run to a safer place, maybe the doors of the freezer would hold them out, and they would leave with some goods and let them live? That’s when the beeping started, ……… has burned to death, ………. has burned to death. It kept saying it, over and over until they were gone. All but two, but the monsters weren’t done. They broke the freezer doors down, knocked the final two unconscious and lit the rest of the encampment on fire. They all died, slowly. First from stab wounds and power fist wounds and then they were burned to death…that was it…game over…maybe someone else will find use of the ruins of this place…?

Seriously though, I was stuck for 10 hours almost playing this. I couldn’t step away from this crazy story that was unfolding. If you are even considering it, buy it. You can return it if you play it for less than 2 hours. BUT, I doubt you will be able to put it down.

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