[SYR] Thrumkin

MOD Desc
Adds a humanoid thrumbo race.
If you are having issues with the food AI of Thrumkin, enable ‘use standard AI’ in the settings

Requires Humanoid Alien Framework loaded before this
Harvest Yield Patch is not required, but highly recommended, otherwise some aspects of the race won’t work as I intended them to.

The Thrumkin are a neolithic race that inhabits different planets, having been captured and brought along for the ride due to their rarity and beauty.

A large, graceful humanoid creature, with long white fur, a large sharp horn and short simple tail. Their striking resemblance to Thrumbos gave them their name and leaves no doubt to where this race might have originated from.

While generally peaceful they make excellent melee fighters, thanks to their resilent hide and razor sharp horn. Thrumkin live in harmony with nature and know more about plants and animals than most advanced cultures, at least on the planet they are living on.

They are not particularly skilled when it comes to building tools and using them, neither are their structures more than simple protection from the elements.


  • 20% less damage from all sources
  • Powerful melee
  • Increased melee hit chance
  • 20% faster plant work
  • 10% higher harvest of plants
  • 20% higher animal yield
  • 10% higher animal tame/train chance
  • 0.5 Beauty base (that’s half a ‘pretty’ trait)
  • 20% higher negotiation ability
  • Can be sheared for some thrumbo fur
  • Can eat wood and hay in a pinch
  • Higher carrying capacity
  • Doubled foraged nutrition in caravans
  • Worth 6 royal favor
  • Worth more as slaves (can also be bad when buying)
  • 200 years life expectancy
  • You can steal their horn or re-install a broken/stolen one – the item is the same as from thrumbos
  • You can shear prisoner thrumkin
  • Can share double beds with non-lovers without penalty to either one (even if one is not a thrumkin)
  • Will do lovin’ with non-lovers if in a shared bed


  • Small chance to get lower quality when crafting/building/scultping
  • 33% slower aiming
  • 20% slower drug synthesising
  • 20% slower researching
  • 30% less trade price improvement
  • 50% higher hunger rate
  • Require special diet, normal nutrition from vegetables, more from animal products, less from meat (lavish meals, survival meals and pemmican will always work normally, ignoring ingredients)

Additional feature: Menardy
Menardy is a unique female thrumkin that spawns regularly (not always!) as faction leader for the thrumkin tribe. She has a unique visual appearance and extremely desirable traits and stats (still somewhat randomized). She can be captured and recruited.

This mod will allow you to have mixed colonies or tribes with all my race mods. It comes with two scenarios as well.


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Hello I think I found a bug in your mod, It does not matter if Harvest yield is present or not as I attempted with both that mod loaded and without it (no other mods present except the required libraries and Harvest Yield)I tested the mod on debug mode on a quick start world and attempted to call a caraban of the thrumkin faction with the debug actions menu with the call incident options to test it and with all of the tests I made the same error appeared which is ¨Cannot generate arriving trader caravan for The Woodpecker Pelts because there is a pawn kind (Thrumbo) who is not a carrier but is in a carriers list.¨ (Woodpecker Pelts are the faction) as far as I am aware this mod works perfectly except by this error that makes trade carabans immpsoible and I would appreciate if you could fix this issue, thanks for making this awesome mod and hope you have a great dayhere is the log as I imagine it will be useful https://gist.github.com/a96ca087fd4d8a4f0986251a9315e0ce

Found 4 possible bugs:#1. The game is staggering with little reason when using the mod… idk what is causing it to happen, but even at x1 speed, the game has a momentary pause/freeze every second or so. #2. The ThrumKin frequently are not feeding themselves despite having food in storage to the point of starvation (this killed my first colony w the ThrumKin).#3. The debuff for eating wood is also effecting normal Thrumbos.#4. And lastly I am not seeing any consequences for hunting Thrumbos w ThrumKin despite the downside of ‘Care about thrumbos and what you do to them’ (could be that the debuff is active but not showing up, but could not notice any difference in the ThrumKin’s mood).I found these things with my first play through using the Thurmkin scenario (with some added tamed thrumbos and some starting Ghost wood). Could be that some other mods I have are causing these issues, but I did not find these bugs prior to adding the mod. Hope this help! Thank you the mod!

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