Advanced Polyamory Beds

MOD Desc
RimWorld.AdvancedPolyBeds Provides advanced triple, quadra, and penta beds for your loving pawns equipped with advanced spacer technology.

Requirements Requires Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Spacer Module.

Compatibility – Counts as a Royal Bed for your royal bedroom with the Royalty DLC if you have Multi-Bed Royalty Patch installed.
– Compatible with [JPT] Soft Warm Beds by jptrrs IF you also have Polyamory Beds Vanilla Edition by Meltup installed. Load this mod after Soft Warm Beds and Polyamory Beds Vanilla Edition.

Etc. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International[].
Sprites based on Vanilla Furniture Expanded – Spacer Module by Oskar Potocki & Atlas


LOL the art descriptions are on point:
‘This furniture bears a depiction of Hayden ‘Hayhouse’ Simons surveying the area in the nude while confused animals look on. Hayhouse is breathing heavily for no obvious reason. A caterpillar appears near the main subject. The work makes the viewer think of torment. This artwork tells the story of Hayhouse walking around naked on 12th of Decembary, 5502′

Its amazing how real events in the game are reflected in the colonist built artwork. They can get pretty hilarious, check out: r/rimworldart. Its just another small detail that makes this game amazing.

I’m not really a gamer, but this is my all-time-favorite-game. I’m a casual gamer… I usually stick with AAA games to be honest… some of my favorites are: Fallout, Hell Let Loose, Squad, Tropoco, Rust, CIV, Stellaris, FTL, Raft, Ark, etc… I don’t think I have over 100hrs on any of those games… and on Rimworld I have 500hrs…. I still haven’t made it to the end game because I don’t want to travel the planet and risk losing colonists until I have all the best armor and weapons.

I’m telling you, believe all the reviews, this game is the perfect game (for me). Its a unique mix of base building, tower defense and RTS.

I was a little lost in the beginning so you might want to watch a YouTube video first. Once you get into it, the depth of the game is amazing. It is the definition of replayable, especially with all the mods. It’s a game I can come back to after 2yrs and be completely hooked for a few months.

PS: Instead of the typical ‘crashlanded’ scenario, I use the Prepare Carefully mod to set up a different scenario… I like to pretend my colonists are packing supplies to start a new ‘planned’ colony. That way I can load them up and soup up their weapons/armor.

So I was one of the original backers…. Quite a few years ago. I think I have at least 800 hours logged in before steam release… I played the game unmoded, crazily moded, something in between… An I have to say that Rimworld is one of the best games of its genre and overall one of the best games I have ever player. Altough it is simply a variaton on Dwarf Fortress formula (game which I also love) it is great in its own way. Where DF can easily be overwhelming, Rimworld keeps everything simple, fun yet still engaging. Game is also great in generating stories and making you care about your pawns. It has also some of that Dwarf Fortressy pesimism and feeling of immediate catastrophy :D…..

Game itself is about building a colony on a far away planet plagued by bandits, savages, mechanoids, ilnesses, plagues and many, many other funny things that can kill you in an unfathomable way. You have your colonists, each skilled in different ways, each with his own traits, needs and relationships. You can play in a number of biomes (extreme desert, desert, arid, temperate, swamps, tundra, boreal forests and more), equip quite a few weapons, build a lot of furniture, machines, turretst… There is also research – well there is simply a lot to do!

There is also a great moding community. The game has a few thousand mods, you can easily combine them to make the game just how you like it. My friend love factions and he has a dozen of them in the game, he also loves turrets and traps… So why not get at least five mods with them? I on the other hands love new furniture, buildings, techs and I don’t like new factions and weapons… Each game can be quite different just based on the mods!

Overall if I were a reviewer I would, without a single doubt, gave Rimworld 10/10. One of the best games ever.

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