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please don’t ask me to add/change things, I have stopped modding and am simply keeping the mod updated and trying to help people with bugs

Are you sick of seeing the same food trays over and over?
Do you run screaming at the thought of forking down cornmush…AGAIN?

Then delve into GouRIMet and bring your tastebuds back to life!
We have revamped the old meals and added some new ones, so dig in!

The cake is not a lie.

No custom plants/crops were added.
Simple meal now devided into Vegemush and Meatballs (veggies or meat ingredients+can be made in bulk)
Fine meal and Lavish meal got a new texture.(+can be made in bulk)
Soup with buff (made from veggies and meats)
Berry Pie and Meat Pie with buffs (made from corn or rice, egg, any milk and either berries or meats)
Caramel Balls (like chocolate; made from cornsyrup and milk)
Hot Tea and Hot Cocoa with buffs ( made at brewery from smokeleaf and berries/chocolate and milk)
Smoked Meat made at a campfire, like pemmican only with just meat
Cornsyrup and Smokeleafmilk made at the brewery

The pies need research before they can be cooked, and cornsyrup, milk, tea and cocoa are made at the brewery which needs to be researched first.

Note: Incompatible with WM Smarter Food Selection (error when pawns try to eat in caravans)

Ludeon Forum Link[ludeon.com]

But when i load up my caravan with a few hundred chocolate pieces i dont get a starving caravan message as soon as it leaves my town. I was actually trying to use caramel balls exactly like I do chocolate since that usually gives me days worth of nutrition. I sent 333 pieces and only sent one colonist. As for the meatballs i cant think of why this would be. The only other food mod I added was telkirs expanded crops which adds the crops and a new stove. They can eat the meatballs and put them in the rimfridge even, but dont automatically eat them if they are hungry. They do have access to the food, nothing is locked or blocked, they just dont eat it automatically like they would fine/lavish meals even when theres no other food. Also, when they equip the food to eat later (they do this themselves) they wont eat it, and instead leave their workstation to go halfway across the map to eat a fine meal despite the fact that the meatballs are in their inventory.

I want to use this mod as several of these sound useful and/or delicious. But, would you create a ‘Lite’ version that leaves out recipes that conflict with other mods?I’d rather have a version without Smoked Meat because Medieval Times already adds a Smoke-house to create Smoked Meat. Also, I already have the Smokepit and Jerky mod and other mods to make Jerky and stuff at campfires.Also, Hot Tea and Hot Cocoa are problems because Vegetable Garden adds Cocoa beans &Tea plants. (I’m also using the Hot Coffee mod and the author plans to add Tea…)It would be confusing to see Smoked Meat, Hot Tea, and Hot Cocoa appear several times in our Cooking or Brewing Bills. At least, could you rename Hot Tea to ‘Smokeleaf Tea’? And perhaps replace Hot Cocoa with ‘Hot Cider’?

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