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Muzzy’s RimWorld utilities. Adds stockpile filter for fresh items and mood-indicators to the colonist bar.

Ludeon forum thread for the mod (with link to non-Steam version):

  • colonists getting eaten by polar bears (and other predators in mountainous maps where they have no natural prey) are a unique type of fatal game mechanic that’s too much work to deal with. You can see them if you happen to look at the right place at the right time, but wild animals can spawn anytime when you aren’t looking so you’ll never know if you’re safe or not.And it’s not a fun way to lose a game; hours of effort ruined because I didn’t notice a polar bear had spawned a minute earlier, even though I had kept pausing regularly and looking. I first thought I’d solve this nonsense via modding, but that didn’t feel good either. So I’ve stopped playing for now.The good news is that this mod will probably keep working in future versions of the game even if I don’t update it, you’ll just have to enable it manually.
  • I see. It would be interesting if it could be a slider like item quality/health sliders, but I suppose that would be a whole different problem.Personally, I encounter the issue where I want to have herbal medicine in my hospital area, but I don’t have a freezer, so I just have a small stockpile the eventually rots and gets replaced. I was hoping this would let me say ‘Only accept these items until they are close to rotting, then make them invalid so they get shipped off to the freezer and replaced with fresh.’ Less wasteful and whatnot. Still, it isn’t exactly a huge problem. xD
  • that’s ok, I forgive you :)It’s rather difficult to find out what mod is causing problems when you have many mods, especially since a large number of mods are using unsupported modding techniques and modifying the game’s internals directly. These can conflict easily when two mods make incompatible changes.My mod shouldn’t really cause any compatibility issues with anything except things that alter the colonist bar itself. The only conflict I know of is a minor one with killface’s colonist bar, but killface fixed that by integrating my mood indicator code directly into his mod and making it a setting you can toggle.
  • Someone probably already suggested it, but adding a little icon indicator of what weapon each colonist is currently armed with near each colonist pic would be really damn useful. Like you could select and draft just the guys with sniper rifles using only pics in top of the screen instead of checking everyone, while trying to remember, who was it. And this mod is really useful already, thanks a bunch.

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