Small Comms Console Continued [1.2]

MOD Desc

A 1×1 Comms Console.

Orginal Creator: Thom Blair III
Continued by: SkullOG

I’m a bit unaware of the newer updates but I played this about 22 hours on another account, I originally got it as a gift for my mom but then discovered she wasn’t a big fan of it. I started playing it and found myself really engaged in the game.

First, let me make something clear. This game is AMAZING if you want to make stories. The characters have their own personalities, flaws, strengths, and react to situations like real people. Mental health is a big theme in this game, and can easily affect the character based on that character’s traits.

Let me tell you guys the story I got in my first playthrough.

I made my first 3 characters based off a pre-existing story I plan to make into a comic:

Susan, Apocalypse Survivor as a child, Drifter as an adult (Extremely similar to her original story) She’s the best shooter in the colony.
Mutie, A doctor/tactician. Kenya’s sibling. He doesn’t like to use guns so he carries around a knife.
Kenya, can’t quite remember what her profession is. She’s nice and everyone likes her. Mutie’s sister.
Ebi, Mutie’s cat.

We get in and start building a little base. Ebi catches some squirrels for us.

We get attacked by a pirate named Muse and she gets stabbed by Mutie and starts bleeding out on the ground. I can’t figure out how to kill her so everyone just leaves her there to bleed to death. When she finally dies, Mutie eats the corpse like a cannibal. He eats too much and gets food poisoning, but for some reason has the ‘I ate a tasty fine meal.’ mentality buff, so, we’re off to a great start.

We designate a graveyard and bury the half-eaten corpse so our colonists can feel a little bit better about killing somebody.

After a while a cougar attacked us and it was a to kill, Mutie lost a finger, Susan, our best shooter, lost an eye, and Ebi got a paw bitten off. 2 dysfunctional people joined our colony, one is an old lady with dementia and the other has a drug addiction. I refuse to give her drugs so she has withdrawal that lasts like a year.

The lady with dementia however is a really good cook, so we need her.

I thought about giving Susan an eyepatch but I learned that ‘installing’ one has a chance to kill her, so I just left her with an empty eyesocket. The disfigurement makes everyone uncomfortable but whatever.

Eventually we get a signal from a ship here to get us off the planet, but it’s on the other side of the continent. I start thinking about making a caravan to start travelling there.

We are joined by a guy named Chang who crash-landed near our base and lost a leg. Kenya attempted to install a peg leg and killed him on accident. Apparently this is very common. Everyone is upset that he died as he was a really cool dude.

Shortly after, a cargo pod lands nearby and explodes into a bunch of mysterious meat chunks. There is meat everywhere. I am suspicious but we collect it all as we needed the food.

Suddenly, Dementia Cook Mc loses her and attacks Ebi with a club and Ebi loses one of her back legs. I am heartbroken. Everyone now hates Dementia Cook Mc so we kill her, chop her into tiny bits, and FEED HER TO EBI. Everyone is happy that she’s dead.

Mutie’s eye gets scratched by a wild animal but he’s a melee fighter so it’s fine.

Suddenly, an Emu just decides to join our colony for no reason. Like, one of those birds, an Emu. I name it Tiir, the name of Susan’s uncle and the main character in my story. This is the best idea I’ve ever had.

I felt so sad as Ebi dragged herself around that I used console commands to restore her to perfect health. I don’t feel bad for cheating at all. She’s a cat and I will be extremely upset if she dies so I decide that I will play god and make sure that if there’s anyone to survive, it’s Ebi.

I look away for 2 seconds and when I get back, Susan has tamed a timber wolf and named it Josephine. We now have a doggo. Tiir follows Susan around everywhere. All the animals love her. Despite the fact everyone is on the verge of getting frostbite, someone builds a snowman.

Susan continues to be a badass. Despite having one of my colonists lose a hand to an infection as we had to amputate it, Susan develops an immunity to her infection despite the fact I thought I had to amputate it too. The infection was at 95% progression. She’s also learning to cook to replace Dementia Cook Mc. She is everyone’s mom. Also she tamed a grizzly bear.

A lot more stuff happened. I got two labrador dogs and one died but not before breeding with the other dog, so I got 2 puppies as well.

Then Susan had a rat literally explode in her face, and lost both of her eyes and is completely blind now. But somehow, she’s still the best shooter in the colony. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. Susan fell in love with a colonist we saved from a shipwreck but Mutie killed him while trying to perform surgery. Susan is now blind, miserable, and hides in her room constantly.

After a bit more things happened, we tamed a couple animals, got some farms going, got some more colonists, I sent 3 colonists out on a caravan to make another colony. I only realized after we landed that all 3 colonists are lazy and collectively can’t craft, build, or gather, so their only option of survival is to punch squirrels to death and eat their corpses until more colonists can arrive to help.

Amazing game and can’t wait to see where my story goes next. Would strongly reccommend to anyone who likes interacting with the world and their characters.

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