Crystalloid (Xenohuman Race) B17

MOD Desc
Crystalloid has been overhauled, I made a new workshop submission as to not disturb ongoing games using the mod previously.

Forum link for more information, including patch notes:

EPOE patch:

RBSE patch:

If you are looking for a B19 release, I made a pre-release version of my rewrite available here:

  • I think the Psionic Receiver and Generator need some balancing. The Psionic Generator requires less research and resource refining, but will produce almost double the amount of power per unit of space (5625 power in the same space a Psionic Receiver makes 2700 power).Also, this is just my opinion, but the setup costs are really, really low compared to other mods which also have fuelless, infinitely buildable power generators. I’d recommend greatly upping the crystal cost, or even adding a steep uranium cost of the Psionic Receiver and Psionic Generator, if you’re interested in maintaining balance compared to other mods. (But then again, you might not be, so you can disregard this last bit).
  • Alright so, answering questions and comments from order of oldest to newest:This mod does have an EPOE patch, look at my other workshop items for it.Amplifier crystals are currently just a relic from the last version that you can sell, I am making weapons that require them for the next update. The large version is going to get a visual update.Biology of the Crystalloids have been a thing that has been changing for a long while now. For balance reasons, and in accordance with my current vision of the mod, they do bleed from wounds, but are less likely to bleed out than a human for the same injuries.Prisms are getting their raid point cost increased, they are too cheap and getting swarmed by ranged units is unfair. For the other units, I am not sure, I will do some testing and come to a conclusion if they need to be changed up.Check the patch notes, I think they should be here on the steam page, and they without a doubt on the forums
  • A couple balance notes – Crystalloid raids are certainly among the nastiest I have faced, in that their numbers tend to end up higher than most raids with the addition of a LOT of constructs to the raid numbers in some cases. One particularly devastating raid had upwards of ?30? pawns armed to the teeth? This combined with their apparent lack of a morale break makes them super dangerous.Most of the weapons seem pretty well balanced, though the cycle cannon in particular seems pretty superior to the minigun in most respects. Not too crazy tho. The rest seem perfectly fine in comparison to their vanilla counterparts, or possibly a little weak, such as the shotgun variant.Crysteel’s sharpness bonus however, is extremely powerful. A basic longsword crafted from crysteel will be considerably deadlier than the even most advanced melee weapons you can expect to find in other popular mods such as Rimsenal, and they are quite inexpensive (if slow) to make.
  • In a future patch, would it be possible to add a small note to the crystal production tech, that you can refine them at the Electric Smelter? Took me a while to figure out how the progression worked until I figured that one out. If that was how it worked, don’t remember precisely.Apart from that small dilemma, and having only tried the race briefly, I like it overall. I find it a smidge easy for them to produce their main resource, but I like what it is doing and how it is doing it.I just need to remember that they are very accustomed to cushy lifestyles, given their mental break thresholds!

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