(Discontinued) WM Self launching pods

MOD Desc
Pods without launchers
Requires HugsLib.

Features * New pod that does not require a pod launcher.
* Lift off from anywhere.
* Trade, Raid.
* Can trade remotely with factions where you have pods using comms console. (No colonist required on location).
* Load downed pawns into all kind of pods.
* Landing spot to designate where to land pods.
* Load / unload your caravan from a pods fleet.

Balance * Must be researched after ‘transport pods’.
* Requires repair with a components every two launches.
* Might be to OP anyway.
* Fuel use and range:
Range is 37 for a roundtrip. Twice more or 74 for a one way trip.
Capacity is 200 and consumption is 2.5 for every tile plus 15 per launch.
Vanilla pod max range is 66.
Capacity is 150 and consumption is 2.25 for every tile.

!! Limitations & bugs !! * You may not recover your pods left behind after reforming from a map.
* After reforming, pawns and goods inside pods will be LOST. (When you are loading them).
* Rare error after closing a trade dialog (seems harmless).
* Pawns inside pods are in a suspended state.
* In world view, you can see the content of a pods fleet but not discard anything.
* Landing spot disappearing on use.

Conflicts * With some mods such as Redistheat, pods will not spawn after being built. To fix this, load SLP before RH and others potentially conflicting mods.
* Minor conflict with Rimbank. Pods capacity won’t be verified before validating a trade deal.

Please report any unknown bug you may encounter

Forum : https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=30708#msg313430
Github : https://github.com/Wishmaster01/Self.Launching.Pods/

Love the mod, and I hate to bring up with a few issues I’m dealing with, because this is something the game needs. I’m sure you’re working hard to make it great, and it mostly is! Issue 1: When I return to my base, the pods don’t use the landing spots. They end up landing way far out on the edge of the map, which is super inconvenient if they come back with a lot of items. Issue 2: Also, the mod doesn’t seem compatible with Simple Sidearms. When my pods land, they have dropped all of their sidearms. Issue 3: Finally, I have left a special event on the map, but the pods’ icon has remained. There isn’t any way for me to dismiss it. When I select it, I can’t select anything else. I have to F5 back to my base to get my cursor back.

Hey man, just encountered a couple of bugs (i assume they are bugs), here they go.First bug is related to sidearms, forgot the exact name of the mod but is quite popular, when u send a colonist on the pod, it loses his sidearm and its nowhere to be found (lost 2 sidearms both went missing), and this takes me to the second issue, when i send a pod without colonist to trade with another faction’s base, i go to the comms console and select the remote trade, then the colonist that is going to trade is teleported (shit you not) to the base to start the trade, instead of just trading via the comms, idk if this is intended or not, apart from that the mod is really great.I play with alot of mods, so theres a chance im having this bugs due to that, still i think its worth noting.

Yea I agree with all your points WIshmaster, and thank you for replying to me – it totally would break the balance of the vanilla game, but not everyone plays Rimworld as ‘realistically’ as possible. Just as there’s cannibal colonies, space monster colonies, and small technologically advanced colonies (the latter of which I’m thinking of trying with a edited version of your mod), everybody plays Rimworld differently and not always with a focus on balance. I’ll definitely try editing it myself, but I know a lot of people who use the workshop primarily because they’re too afraid to mess with the games files manually – even quick XML edits Anyways I just wanted to bring that to your attention in case you were able to release a quick XML edited version of the mod for those kind of people, but either way this mod is a great idea – thank you very much for all your hard work 🙂

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