[O21] Outer Rim – Csilla

MOD Desc

Culture pack for the planet Csilla, adding the Chiss race and items from the Chiss culture, much more to come, as with the other mods I’m releasing content in batches.


  • Chiss


  • Chiss Ascendancy Uniform


  • Charric Rifle
  • Charric Carbine
  • Charric Pistol


  • Chiss Ascendancy

As of RimWorld 1.2, factions are included inside the module instead of separated addons. They can be enabled/disabled in the games options, though the change will only take effect on a new world.

Q: What is a culture pack?
A: A culture pack is what I refer to for a particular type of module for Outer Rim, it’s one that adds a race, set of items, or buildings, or all of these. The key point is that they include things from a specific planet in the Star Wars universe, separate from any era or faction.

Otherwise we are not aware of any incompatibilities.

  • Neronix17 – Art & Code.

Unofficial edits/uploads/sharing/etc is not allowed. Reuse of assets and/or code is not allowed. This includes and is not limited to reuploading and unofficial updating.



it was a cold night in Decembary, the food was running low, moral was running lower. a trouble man, with a troubled past found himself fighting against a raid from a enemy tribe, they had murdered his best friend, beaten him to the ground, and had grabbed his wife, he was barely able to kill the raider, but by the time he made it to his wife, it was to late, she had bled out. broken the man decided to do what ever it took to wipe out the tribe that killed his wife and his best friend. it was a struggle, but he managed to rebuild, he gathered group of like minded people, the doc, the pyromaniac, and the mad scientist
they eventually stopped surviving, and started thriving. the doc and mad scientist made super soldiers from captured raiders,
the pyromaniac had built weapons that could destroy any civilization, and the man, hunted bears with nothing but his fists, he became so proficient and killing bears with his hands, they started calling him war bear. the doc had experimented, and gathered tech from the mad scientists studies, until the mad scientist had nothing more to study, the doc then used the mad scientist to make the first full synthetic human, the mad scientist did not survive the process. war bear who has been through so many battles, had seen so much pain, and caused so much pain. hes quest for vengeance had led him down a road where his only friend was using the people he captured like cattle, blind workers with nuclear stomachs, and with full bionic limbs and synthetic organs, the doc had gone mad with power, he wasn’t in it for vengeance, he was in it for power and money, he was secretly attacking other groups, he was taking down royal caravans, and the refugee empire land.
war bear was tired of war, and he was heart broken over the betrayal from the doc, he decided to retire unwilling to fight his only friend left, he became a simple goat farmer, while the doc openly attacked anyone with any wealth what so ever, he conquered tribes, and kidnapped anyone who survived to harvest there organs, or to replace lost soldiers. war bear lived a simple life, until one day another tragedy struck, he was one shot killed by a goat, now the doc, has no one who can stop him, and no one did, he continues to destroy every settlement, and continues to use the people as his guinea pigs. and thus is rimworld, rip war bear, you did a lot of bad things, but you weren’t a bad man.

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