The Brotherhood Compendium (1.0 only)

MOD Desc
This version is now discontinued and will not be updated. Check the 1.1 update !

Hello there, good people of the rim.

Bring some order back to the rimworlds with the Brotherhood of Steel. Includes a new faction and items.


Changelog :

Update 2.0 (november 01/2019) :
New weapon : the Wattz 2000EC laser rifle ! Also, redone the T51B helmet and the whole APA set , as I’ve never been truly satisfied about their look.
Several corrections on .def files, rearranged the research tree for a more balanced gameplay.
This version is intended to be final, unless I decide the opposite 😉

09/28/49 : Minor graphical fixes, proper sound for the MEC minigun and corrected labels

Update 1.9 (september 18/2019)
After several months of hiatus, I’m proud to deliver the latest version of this mod !
– Research implementation : all BoS related items will now need proper research, after purchasing a BoS mainframe from a trader
– 2 new weapons : MEC minigun and autocannon (courtesy of Oskar for the code ! thanks dude)
– 3 new sets of armor : Brotherhood Combat Armor, ST50 Power Armor and Advanced Power Armor
– Brotherhood banner
– Custom scenario involving a lost recon squad
– lot of typos, graphic glitches corrected, rebalancing and polishing, etc

The T51B mod has grown bigger, and now is this entire faction mod.

Entirely based on the Fallout universe, I tried to stay lore-friendly, and preserving as much as possible the essence of the first two iterations (Fallout 1&2, Tactics in a lower extent).
You will encounter the BoS faction, which can act as ennemy or ally, depending entirely on your RNG during world creation.
This mod tries to be the most balanced as possible regarding vanilla counterparts. All items can spawn on random characters, most of them can be crafted. Depending on motivation, ideas, feedback and spare time, I will or will not add more content to this mod (ie more weapons, furnitures, etc…).
For now, I will try to focus mainly on this mod’s little brother and counterpart : The Master’s Army 😉

So far, this mod includes :

Faction :
– Brotherhood of Steel

Scenario :
– The Lost Chapter

Weapons :
– Plasma Caster
– L30 Gatling Laser
– Rockwell Big Bazooka
– Vindicator Minigun
– Winchester City Killer
– Bozar
– YK 42 Pulse Rifle
– YK 32 Pulse Pistol
– Flambe 450 (thanks to Hiztaar for the code !)
– P94 Turbo Plasma Rifle
– PPK12 gauss pistol
– M72 gauss rifle
– Brotherhood Autocannon
– MEC Minigun
– Wattz 2000 Ext.Cap. Laser Rifle

Apparels :
– Brotherhood scribe robe + hood
– recon armor + helmet
– combat armor + helmet
– brotherhood combat armor + helmet
– brotherhood cape
– brotherhood uniform
– T-51B power armor with army variant
– T-51B power helmet (provides toxic protection and aiming bonus)
– Tribal T-51B helmet, for your primitive plebes
– BoS Elder Power Armor (derived from X01 suit), currently not buildable
– Midwestern Power Armor
– ST-50 Power helmet, based on Flickone’s mod for Fallout 3
– ST-50 Power Armor
– Advanced Power Armor

Misc :
– complete research tree
– 2 furnitures items

As far as I know, no compatibilities issues after testing with 70+ mods (most populars in mind), this mod is softcore and relies mainly on adding new content (untouched game mechanics). The only exception is changing the value of linkable items to a research bench.
For some reason, I cannot make the Tribal Helmet to spawn on regular tribal pawns without modifying base Defs. So i kept things like this.

– Oskar Potocki for allowing me to use his autocannon script
– Van Tarkin for providing open graphics for the X01 Armor
– Hiztaar for the flamethrower code
– Black Isle studio and Bethesda for this whole universe

Feel free to modify it for your own pleasure, but please do not redistribute without permission.

Craving for some nice irradiated air ? This mod is 100% compatible and complementary with Project Fallout !

Project Fallout mod :
T45 Power Armor :
Want some big booms ? Try this mod !

Enjoy and report bugs if needed !

I like what you’re doing so far alot, however I don’t think you should do another faction just yet. I think you should flesh out the Brotherhood a bit more perhaps with some structures and some of the armor types seen in Tactics that’s not the iconic PA.In terms of structures I was thinking the defensive laser turrets you see in the BoS bunker in New Vegas and maybe some banners that either can go on the ground or along the walls with the different types of BoS insigina (such as the western or midwestern BoS)

hey so this is the error code in the console but Im not really good at knowing what these are saying so this is what it says Exception ticking Maskinnen (at (98, 0, 113)): System.InvalidCastException: Cannot cast from source type to destination Verse.Verb_LaunchProjectile.TryCastShot () at Verse.Verb_Shoot.TryCastShot () at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Verb.TryCastNextBurstShot_Patch0 (object) at Verse.Verb.WarmupComplete () at Verse.Verb_LaunchProjectile.WarmupComplete () at Verse.Verb_Shoot.WarmupComplete () at Verse.Stance_Warmup.Expire () at Verse.Stance_Busy.StanceTick () at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Stance_Warmup.StanceTick_Patch1 (object) at Verse.Pawn_StanceTracker.StanceTrackerTick () at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.Pawn.Tick_Patch2 (object) at Verse.TickList.Tick ()

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