Vanilla Textures Expanded – Mod Expansion

MOD Desc
Replaces mod textures that use recolored vanilla textures with recolored VTE textures, and adds more Main UI Button Icons!

Adding support for other mods to use the same textures as VTE whenever it is within my ability to do so. Plan to add more as time goes on.

New Textures:

Alpha Animals: Sky Steel, Blue Milk
Android Tiers: Nutrient Solution
Gemstones: All Gemstones
RimBees: Mead Fermenting Barrel
RimCuisine 2: Bottling and Booze: All fermenting barrels

New Main Button UI Icons for the following:

Medical Tab
Misc. Robots
Fluffy’s Colony Manager
Auto Seller
Colony Leadership
Days Matter (fork)
Mercenaries For Me
What the hack?!
Desynchronized: Tales and News
RPG Style Level Up Mod
[O21] WikiRim
Drug Response – By Drgn! Netrve
Character Editor – By Drgn! Netrve

Requires Vanilla Textures Expanded.

All credit goes to Oskar Potocki, Helixien, and Erin.

Some of the new Icons were made, but most come from Icons8 here:

which they graciously let us use as long as we drop them a link 🙂

I’m also getting the error with AA_SkySteel:Could not load UnityEngine.Texture2D at Things/Item/Resource/AA_SkySteel/AA_SkySteel in any active mod or in base resources.But mine is followed by the following error as well:MatFrom with null sourceTex.Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.MaterialPool:MatFrom(MaterialRequest)Verse.Graphic_Single:Init(GraphicRequest)Verse.GraphicDatabase:GetInner(GraphicRequest)Verse.GraphicDatabase:Get(Type, String, Shader, Vector2, Color, Color, GraphicData, List`1)Verse.Graphic_Collection:Init(GraphicRequest)Verse.GraphicDatabase:GetInner(GraphicRequest)Verse.GraphicDatabase:Get(Type, String, Shader, Vector2, Color, Color, GraphicData, List`1)Verse.GraphicData:Init()Verse.GraphicData:get_Graphic()…Is this related? Is it anything to worry about?

If you’re okay with the icon from Hospitality see what I wrote below. Otherwise open …workshopcontent2941007534985521.1DefsMainTabMainButtonDefsMainButtons.xml and remove line 10. That removes the red error. Copy the icon (IconGuests.png) from …2941002032079102TexturesUIButtonsMainButtons and paste it in …294100753498552TexturesUIButtonsMainButtons. Delete Hospitality’s icon (IconHospitality.png) and rename the copied icon to IconHospitality.png. No red error, the icon from this mod, not from Hospitality.

Oh gotcha! I was testing it with spawning it through the dev mode and with just a single Sky Steel, it shows as a red x, but more than that works as intended. Was going to do a separate comment, but decided to try it before submitting this. Creating a copy of the AA_SkySteel_a.png and renaming it to AA_SkySteel.png fixes the log error and the single texture not showing up, but then the numbers at where they change textures is all out of whack. One bar shows from 1-56, two from 57-74, and three from 75 onward.

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