[1.0, 1.1, 1.2] Extended Human Body Simulation

MOD Desc
Reupload of Mythos’ Extended Human Body Simulation General information

This is an unofficial update of PhileasFogg’s mod which can be found on the Ludeon Forums[ludeon.com]

Feature overview Additional body parts The current human body simulation is rather limited. I expanded it with fibulas, patellas, ulnas, a spleen, two lobes for your pawns liver and a hidden intestine (which makes it possible to remove the stomach without killing the patient – because humans can live without a stomach; it’s no fun but possible).

Harvest and reintegrate all available body parts Harvesting body parts were part of this mod, but have now been removed as the same functionality exists in Harvest Everything! which has been made compatible with this mod.

Replace missing bones with surrogates Buy a surrogate to replace the missing bones. Your trusted exotic, pirate or combat merchant may have to offer some.

Mod list order
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering
Extended Human Body Simulation
Diseases Overhauled (Optional)
Crafted Mutants (Optional)
Harvest Everything! (Optional)

Credits and Thanks to… – xd for Russian Translations
– Mythos for looking after the mod up until this point.
– PhileasFogg for the original mod!
– Ykara, for his/her both fantastic mods, which I used as a basis for this mod: ‘EPOE (Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering)’ and ‘Harvest Everything!’
– Marnador, for the RimWor(l)d font, used in the picture above.
– Tynan, for this great game!

The best colony simulation you will ever play.
Enjoy watching your colonists die and drive you nuts. Screaming why they didn’t just move to the side of the fire instead of hugging it.
The game will punish you for wanting a simple life.

… Or set the difficulty super low and never live a fulfulled life. 😉

The game is worth every penny and more. It’s one of the best games I have played in years with huge mod support extending the game’s life even further. What’s better is the game isn’t even finished! With regular updates adding yet more and more features into an already packed game is just what you need in your life.
… Why don’t you already own it?!

(Just mod out Disease Spam because that is obnoxious as hell)

Great game with a very active mod community and whilst it is amazing to play without I feel it is a must to try some of the mods out there for this game.
It is a large point of this game to have essentially everything randomised as you create your colony and head out into the unknown and it can be a very intimidating experience to have to rendomise your survivors and all you get to pick is the name but that is what gives your colony the imperfection it needs. And if however you want to spend the hours (yes, hours) customising your survivors to look and have a backstory how you want then you can find the mod for that.

This is a slow game and it will take a long time and many mistakes to get to the end but the journey is certainly worth it.

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