[1.1] Tranquilizer guns

MOD Desc
Adds tranquilizer rifle, pistol, sleep gas grenades, tranquilizer autoturrets. Tranquilizing mechanics: any affected target gets stacking ‘Tranquilized’ effect. It’s effectiveness depends on target’s body size. Grenades makes great AOE sleep gas effect. Now with insanity liquid. Can be made of sleeproot leaves on drugs table.
! Now Huglib mod needs to be installed and loaded before this mod. !

1.6.1 1.1 version support

1.6 Insanity mechanics.
– Insanity gas mortar shell.
– Insanity gas mine.
– Tranquilizer mortar shell.

1.5.2 HugsLib support.
– Now you can switch between one hit and weight-scale mechanics.
– Sleeproot can be grown in hydroponic farm.

1.5.1 – 1.0 version support.

1.5 Big update
– Some balance
– Added tranq grenades, mines and turrets!
– New plant – sleeproot – used for tranquilizer liquid production
– All added weapons recipies includes tranquilizer liquid as ingredient.

1.4 B19 version support.

1.3 New mechanics
– Now tranquilizer guns not just put ‘Anesthetic’ effect on target – they add new stacking ‘Tranquilized’ hediff. Effectiveness of tranquilizer effect depends of target body size. As example, rabbits going down from one shot, human takes 3-4 shots.
– Rifle and pistol got increased accuracy due to new tranquilizer mechanics.
– New sprites!

1.2 Balanced weapons
I guess guns became too weak:
– Rifle and pistol range changed from 15/10 to 18/12.
– Tranquilizer bullet speed increased from 40 to 50. It’s a little slower than bolt rifle bullet.

1.1 Balanced weapons:
– Now Rifle has weight of 2 kg, Pistol – 1kg.
– Rifle/Pistol range is 15/10.
– Rifle/Pistol warmup time is 2/1.1
– Both gun now have reduced accuracy
– Reduced tranquilizer bullet speed

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  • Just thought I’d say thanks for making this mod, I still use it in all my playthroughs (i was the guy who suggested tranq. turrets). Also I gotta ask, are you planning on making a patch for Combat Extended? I wanted to try that mod out but that means I can’t use this one so I hope you consider that.
  • These feel a bit unbalanced, with their one-hit instant knockout. This becomes especially apparent against large animals like thrumbos and elephants that usually take a long time to take down.Would it be possible to either make it take some time before the anaesthetic takes effect, and/or have a less than 100% chance of it taking effect, modified by body mass?Also, do not knock out three thrumbos and carry them into your large walled in growing area for taming. They will go through your plantations like combine harvesters. =)
  • Might be a mod conflict, but I’m having tranq darts take down robots and mechanoids. I’m using Android Tiers and What the Hack, but I don’t expect that they are breaking anything. In any case, maybe performing a check in your C# against known robot types would help, at least? I’d also love for tranq darts to not work if they hit prosthetics and bionic/archotech limbs, but that might be a little unbalanced. Great mod, though!
  • Thank you for the updates. You’re the best Wowcheg. Also absolutely love the mod. I just enjoy madness nuking a seige raid and watching them murder each other.look up the author Mile. He is doing a lot of revivals for mods that are in the unknown stage of updates. Aka the author is MIA. Or ones that are popular and the auhtor hasn’t updated them yet. He is a really friendly dude and may update the mods which haven’t been updated yet.
  • Would it be possible to :A-rebalance the guns so that raiders can be manageable without the use of a killbox ? B-put in an option to disable raiders spawning with weapons of the mod ?C-make it so only a specified number of raiders can spawn at max with weapons from the mod ?because has of right now, like a lot of non-lethal weapons mod, raider are extremely hard to take care of because there’s almost always one tranq gun in a raid and it downs a colonist in only a few shots.

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