Base Robots (B18)

MOD Desc
[This is meant to be used by other modders who want to create their own custom robots.

Information on how to use this mod to create your own robot mods:

=== Download ===
Get the latest .zip here:

Special thanks to Haplo_X1 – I relied heavily on his mod Misc. Robots

Credit to Daniel_USA for finding the preview image] – ORIGINAL INFO


Thanks to NotFood for updating Base Robots to B18:

The original mod author has been gone for half a year. I helped give ideas to this mod and I was going to make a robot.

Anyways this mod is being uploaded as is. Feel free to post an messages on NotFood’s github if there are issues with the mod.

The github in the original info box includes a tutorial for making robots yourself. I believe the tutorial should still work but some of the xml might be wrong in terms of upper and lower casing since the tutorial was created for A17.


Damaged bots can not be repaired. If someone that is more talented than me would like to create a mod that allows you to repair bots the code for the mod is at the github website.

Damaged robots need to be destroyed and then deconstructed using a workbench that can dissassemble mechanoid corpses. Make sure you modify your storage spaces to allow Base Robot robots to be stored there.


I don’t plan on updating to 1.0. I would really love too but I wasn’t the one that created this mod or the one that updated this mod to B18.

Feel free to use this mod and update it yourself to 1.0. FAIR WARNING! This mod was unfinished and therefore will be the same if it was a direct port to 1.0


Great mods man, I especially love the cleaning bot, keeping my base spotless and my colonists working on more important things. I downloaded the hauler bot too now and I can’t wait to try it. Just wanted to leave a comment because I noticed there are only 2 bots for this mod in the workshop, are you planning on making more? A firefighting bot could be useful, or you could let the cleaning bot also put out fires with a higher priority on firefighting. Could I also possibly suggest a Warden bot? It doesn’t need to socialize with prisoners but it should bring food to prisoners, doctor them with level 7-10 medicine, move prisoners to their beds, patrol its allowed area attacking hostiles with a revolver, auto pistol or heavy SMG attack, and if possible, it should be alerted during Prison Break events so it automatically targets one of the escapees. In theory they could also defend the base against raids if you have no prisoners.

i didnt make the mod i dont know what to tell you. i suspect it has something to do with the job type since i can only tell it to cook but the game itself has multiple jobs under cooking that i cant program cause like i said the mod isnt mine. just ban the robot from the workbench that does that human could also be because cutting a human gives debuffs and the robots dont know how to handle that. yet again there is nothing i can do.

thanks for the reply, I’m gonna look into making a few of my own bots. I was just wondering if it was possible to make it so the robots repair and heal when they return to their station to recharge? Also, I think I found an issue with the mod you might want to address, if a charging station is destroyed while the robot is active, the robot is disabled and turns into an item, and there is no way to make a new charging station to re-enable it without making a new robot as well. The disabled robots can’t be salvaged or targetted with attacks and the only way to get rid of them is to sell them for 4-5 silver. You should look into giving disabled bots the ability to install a new station, or maybe just an option to salvage them and turn them into some steel and components.

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