MOD Desc
GreenRim is a simple mod that increases RimWorld’s vegetation growth speed and plants abundance in some biomes, making the world feel more immersive, cozy and fresh!

Currently Modified Biomes:
-> Boreal Forest
-> Tundra
-> Temperate Forest
-> Tropical Rainforest
-> Arid shrubland
-> Desert

* Biomes such as extreme desert, ice sheet and sea ice were not modified to keep their default elements of difficulty.
* All the swamps were not modified because they already had plentiful vegetation.

GreenRim can be safely added to an existing save.

Github repo[]

| ATENTION: Vanilla Plants Expanded |
If you use Vanilla Plants Expanded, make sure to load GreenRim above it in the mods list to avoid issues!

  • I don’t know if there’s anything you can do about this, but this mod isn’t compatible with RimCuisine (a pretty popular agriculture overhaul mod). That mod introduces a ton of crops that are available depending on what biome you’re in, and your mod makes it so all of the biome-specific crops (which is most of them) never show up.
  • A bit surprised to see this of all mods bug out with 1.1, but I am getting the following error on startup:RimWorld 1.1.2547 rev633Verse.Log:Message(String, Boolean)RimWorld.VersionControl:LogVersionNumber()Verse.Root:CheckGlobalInit()Verse.Root:Start()Verse.Root_Entry:Start()Mod GreenRim did not load any content. Following load folders were used: – D:Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent2941001939945822Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)Verse.c:b__10_1()Verse.LongEventHandler:ExecuteToExecuteWhenFinished()Verse.LongEventHandler:UpdateCurrentAsynchronousEvent()Verse.LongEventHandler:LongEventsUpdate(Boolean&)Verse.Root:Update()Verse.Root_Entry:Update()
  • This mod seems to stop ‘Flowers’ (2025555200) from working, in that the flowers don’t appear in zones, i.e. Temperate Forest, when this mod is loaded. If I disable this mod, the flowers appear again. I’m not a modder, but I guess it’s something like the additional trees take the places the flowers would. Load order doesn’t seem to make any difference for me. It’s a shame, I’d really like more trees AND more flowers together. If this mod could also support More Vanilla Biomes (1931453053), that would also be great.
  • Can confirm: loading an existing save works fine. Newly generated maps in said save will have much denser flora and it does seem that the wild plant growth is increased on already-existing maps. Not sure if the plant spread rate (how quickly they create seeds and thus new plants) is increased too, or whether that depends on the age of the individual plants.
  • Thx! The frame rate should not decrease significantly but, of course, as there are more vegetation in the map, depending in your computer config, the game could get a little laggy. GreenRim uses XML patch system, which is the most recommended in this type of mod (that changes default values in game), for optimization.

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