I Clearly Have Enough! (Continued)

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Update of ChippedChaps mod


Non-steam version:

— Original Description —
Yes, yes you do.

This mod makes the resource readout when placing blueprints count all resources on the map. This is so that it won’t complain even when you can see that you clearly have enough on the map.

The mod also changes the window on the architect tab that shows you how much each blueprint needs, so if you Clearly Have Enough, the text won’t be red.

If you don’t have enough on the map at all, the message is changed to a more appropriate one.

This mod (from v1.1.0 and possibly onwards) uses a MapComponent to improve performance for low-end computers. MapComponents are saved along with your savegame, so uninstalling and loading a save where this mod is used will give you an error. However, this error is easily eliminated by overwriting your savefile without the mod loaded, which won’t corrupt your savefile or do anything bad.

This mod now only counts all the resources on the map every 204 ticks (3.4 seconds on normal speed, same update rate as the vanilla resource counter.) If you’re impatient and the counts don’t look correct, just advance time faster and it should update sooner.

Github Repository[github.com]

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This is the fastest 100h in game I’ve ever got.
At first I wasn’t sure if I’m going to like this kind of game. I’m not a strategy or management gamer. I wondered so long, watched some streams and still wasn’t sure. Then I just bought it and despite all the doubt I had, it was the best purchase I could ever make.

Now what I love this game for:
First of all – everything is random. Every event (there’s good amount of them) can happen at every second of your playthrough, which creates hundreds of different possibilities and even after playing a while you still might be surprised. These events further create different problems you encounter – from starvation, diseases and raids to freezing to death or simply your colonists fighting against each other, cutting their legs off and not being able to harvest that rice from a field and that’s only the top of the iceberg.
You also have to take care of your colonists needs, which can be a tricky thing early on, depending on a nature of each one of them. Like I said – there’s a ton of things to do and you can set everything the way you like – It’s kind of a sandbox, where you play the way you enjoy the most.
The best thing is that it’s early access. The game is pretty much completed at this stage, but it will still get couple (?) more updates adding more to already big Rimworld. There’s also even better thing than early access: There’s a fantastic modding community and it literally can change your game a little or make it brand new game: Lots of overhauls or simple mods and it’s still growing. This adds another hundreds of hours to play and trust me you’re going to spend at least dozen of them learning the game.
Later on, when you know a bit about the game it gets much easier with a bit of luck in your random playthough, but still you can set the game pretty much the way you like and still create a challenge for yourself.
Well, this review got quite chaotic, but it’s hard to explain the possibilities you get playing this so basically to summarize:

Rimworld in current state (EA) – 100h+, then whenever it gets an update – probably another 100h+ and last but not least: Mods – 1000h (?)

Worth every cent and if you enjoy this, you should try free Dwarf Fortress, which is way more complex game.
Good luck and may Randy be merciful for you πŸ™‚

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