Needs Comms

MOD Desc
A person calls you on the radio in a panic, asking for shelter. What radio?
Refugee Chased event only triggers when there is a powered comms console.

This mod patches the RefugeeChased event to use a custom incident worker that makes the comms console required to receive distress calls. As such it should be compatible with all mods unless they specifically patch the worker class for this event.
It should also be safe to add to existing saves.

I never could get into Dwarf Fortress. The graphics turned me off. After all, I’m not a 14 year old living in 1983 anymore! However, I was always intrigued by the stories I read about in Dwarf Fortress.

RimWorld has sufficient graphics for me to get into the stories it generates. So far, the longest any of my colonies have survived is 115 days, with its population reaching six residents at its highest.

Many of my colonies start off well, rising to a pinacle of progress that then crumbles under the accumulated weight of my colonists’ mental breakdowns. They end with some tragedy, such as the last survivor starving to death, his eyes gouged out by another crazed colonist who succumbed to her injuries first. Or my last colonist lies in the dark, both feet shot off by the jailbreaking raider who then returned and set everything on fire, eventually incinerating the footless colonist.

If you like community-building simulations, you should try this game. If you want to play this as a straight-up colony sim, I recommend adding the mods that include fully-equipped space marines so you aren’t slaughtered early on. With that said, there is something for playing the unmodded game of shipwrecked random colonists.

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