Combat Readiness Check

MOD Desc
Alters the normal threat points calculation.

Threat points are used by the storyteller to, for example, ‘buy’ raiders from a list to make up the next group that will raid your colony or ambush one of your caravans.

You can use the in-game Mod Settings menu to adjust some of the settings for how points are generated. Select Combat Readiness Check, and edit the values. They will stay in effect as long as you’re using the same saved game folder.

A debug option is available in the mod settings menu. This will output the current armoury points and building points to the log. Colonist points are also logged, but only if you turn on Write Storyteller in development mode.

Wealth calculation

  • Wealth from weapons and armour counts at market value. Armour is anything which offers better than 29% protection against bullets or arrows.
  • Wealth from pre-industrial weapons counts at 25% of market value.
  • Wealth from other items is not counted (vanilla: all items are counted at market value, converted into points by wealth curve)
  • The combined weapons and armour wealth is converted into points by the Combat Readiness wealth curve.
  • Wealth from buildings is counted at 25% of value and converted into points by the Combat Readiness wealth curve (vanilla: 50% of value, vanilla wealth curve).

Animals Animals which have release training count for 9% of their combat strength (vanilla: similar percentage, but all animals that could be trained, even if they aren’t trained).

Colonist calculation

  • Colonists by default count for 45 points (vanilla: starts at 40 points and increases to 110 depending on colony wealth)
  • Colonists who have impairment to their combat abilities (consciousness, manipulation, sight) will count for less points.
  • Colonists with limited movement capability or a limited combined combat ability will count for zero points.
  • Colonists in cryptosleep will count for zero points.
  • Colonists who can’t fight at all will count for zero points.
  • Colonists who are suffering from an infection or disease which needs bed rest will count for zero points if they haven’t developed immunity.
  • Colonists who have enhanced capabilities (from bionics, trauma savant, mechanites or drugs) can count slightly more.

The current adaptation factor affects the final colonist points value (vanilla: adaptation multiplies everything just like difficulty).

Processing points
The combined points are then processed by the Combat Readiness points curve (vanilla: no points curve).
After that the points are multiplied by the modifier for difficulty level (vanilla: same).
There is a global maximum of 10000 points or 20000 for Merciless difficulty (vanilla: 20000).

Extra features

  • Includes ‘Adaptation and Random Threat Point Multipliers Cap to One’ which changes the adaptation and random raid factors so that they cap at 1, reducing the effect of those factors.
  • Added buttons to change between a few default settings – Fair, This is fine, Feels bad man, Pain train.
  • Extended the max range of possible adjustment to 800% for percentage settings.

Current version: 1.2.0
Please ask me before re-uploading this mod.

Don’t comment asking when the mod will update.
Comments regarding mod updates have become a nuisance. I can understand that people get excited and post before they think or read, but I have social media, go and check there to see if I have posted about RimWorld. You will be saving me a lot of time.

Go to the Beta 19 version.

Go to Ludeon Forums for more information and direct download links:

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  • Merciless Cassandra using settings tuned between ‘this is fine’ and ‘feels bad man’. Sitting on about 200-250k wealth. 12 colonists. Around the 3rd year, raids just started being… extremely lackluster, the difficulty seeming to scale backwards from what we had been facing up til that point. I don’t know what’s going on, but this is the only mod I’m running which impacts raids.It seems like others have encountered similar when running this raid. Is the code on github? I’d love to have a look to try to diagnose what is happening. It almost seems like it is glitching out and somehow getting a 0 or negative multiplier somewhere, under certain conditions. Admittedly, I’ve used this mod for several other play-throughs with the same mod list and not encountered such issues, so.. it seems to hit games randomly?Anyone have any advice besides just uninstalling the mod?
  • yea, I just changed the difficulty, but the random number god is fucking me over and not giving any raids. (it feels odd saying it like that, normally id want to avoid raids lol)I also changed it to highest setting for your mod, since even at max it seems like the raid size is drastically smaller(I assume this would cause more difficulty for newer settlements tho, as compared to the old calculation)One thing I did that may have been a complete oopsies on my part, is right before I got this mod, I had 20+ Tenants from the tenant mod… and I did not realize the tenants were being considered colonists, which may have been why I was getting 200+ raiders before under the old calculation, and having gotten rid of them contribute to the drastically reduced numbers I got that was much less than I was looking for. :/
  • Well personally, being able to adjust how much different types of wealth affect raids opens up a lot of options for themed scenarios and role-playing or just finding what feels right for me. Sometimes I want a tougher experience with weapons and armor counting for even more than normal, sometimes I want to play a tribal scenario where having post-industrial weapons sends massive raids after you, other times I might just want to play it vanilla-like but turn down wealth from buildings. Everyone plays the game differently. I don’t quite understand what the downside of having more options is, you can set the default values to be just like the mod is currently and only have the values editable if the player ticks advanced options or something.
  • sorry to add to the question train Marvin.Was wondering if you had any suggestions to my situation… I added your mod because I was getting raids of 200+ raiders and only had something like 10 colonists… overwhelming odds.I managed with traps + bombardments, but its silly, rediculous even, and somehow even worse than this was that the loot drops got out of control and smelters cant keep up(now I just burn everything, screw the loot) which would leave either a battlefield of forbidden loot, or storage that couldnt handle the problem. Neither case desirable, and simply led to bigger raids and piling of more corpses….After adding this mod, raids are easily handled by a single pawn. I switched the default settings to ‘Feels bad Man’- so far I havent gotten a good idea of where it stands with that setting yet… but thought I would get your opinion on what setting to fiddle with to get something more what im looking for. I think I want more building wealth factored in?
  • Hey Marvin I have a short question. I love thi mod and used it for my colony up to now, to not getting raided by literally 100 tribals just because my builder accidently build a good quality chair in the to this point empty colony. But now, I have a river posting a ok defense and got to the turret research, build some guns and armor and I am at the point were I say, ok, since I have defenses now, I am ok with the game spamming 40 Trillion raiders every day for every gold nugget I have. But since I deactivated your mod, no raiders showed up since a half ingame year with a graph of 120.4 worth (everything). I got cassandra classic on rough, so no ‘bad rng’ with rainer random. Appreciate your or any others help forward.
  • Hi Marvin, I really applaud this mod and appreciate the work you have done!.The base game seems intent on just absolutely murdering you for having a bigger (6+ colonists) colony even on lower difficulties, this is a good way to add some balancing to raids.After some extensive playing on ‘rough’ difficulty I have a similiar experience as mabbakittyu , I’ve set the mod scaling settings far beyond ‘pain train’ and I am still not really getting anything close to deadly vanilla raids. My current 5 man ice colony with ‘high expectations’ gets at most 8 or so raiders with pistols, raids also being quite infrequent overall (although that can be RNG). (in Vanilla I would get something like 30~50 raiders minimum half in full power armor)Based on your description I expect Pain train to generate raids larger than vanilla on a mature colony which does not seem to be the case. I’ll crank up the difficulty some more and see what the results are. Keep up the good work, just my 2 cents 🙂

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