MOD Desc
Adds pandas, otters, penguins and kiwis, textures graciously supplied by Lex124. Thank you to Thirite for providing a better way to spawn the animals in the wild.
If A Dog Said is installed, you can enable animal surgery by also installing the ADS Patch. Please do report any unexpected behaviour with ADS.

This is the full version; all animals will spawn in the wild, may appear as manhunters and you might even spawn with one of them as a pet.

Please report any issues; feedback in regards to balancing is highly welcome.

This workshop entry will be updated to the current version of RimWorld as it is released.
Older versions can be found on github: https://github.com/cucumpear/Beasties
The A16 version is available for manual install here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0t1mm7a7axslvo/CPBeasties.zip?dl=0

I mod for free, but if you want to you can buy me a cuppa on Ko-fi[ko-fi.com] to fuel my tea addiction and give me a warm fuzzy feeling.

I haven’t found any issues with your descriptions, aside from the Kiwi one. I don’t think you need a copy editor… but I might, since I realized today that my suggested new text omitted the critical ‘flightless’ attribute that was even mentioned in your original version and that really should not be missing in any Kiwi-related summary. So here is my second attempt: ‘The diminutive, flightless Kiwi is a deceptively fast critter. Compared to its body size, it lays the largest eggs of any bird species.’

Hah, I would if I could.As far as I know I can’t restrict their foods to just one thing, but I enjoy digging through the files, so I’ll check (though that would be a hardcore version where otters and penguins eat only fish). I did set their food intake significantly higher than other animals. It was even higher in earlier test versions but that would have made them completely impossible as starter pets. I might increase it again on the next update, but I’ll have to fiddle and test on different biomes.And while I could have set them as strict herbivore, IRL most herbivores are really opportunistic omnivores so I’m claiming realism on that. That and I love the idea of getting a panda on ice sheet and them eating all of the meals.The breeding thing is also a good suggestion, but I believe I can only set gestation time. I might make that ridiculously long.Thanks for a good laugh and the suggestions. 😀

Since you’re going to take a look at Kiwis in general, their powerful legs also make them surprisingly fast (and no, I’m not the creepy-looking guy in that video!), which doesn’t seem to be reflected in their in-game speed of 2.7 (The humble Turkey has 3.5).Also, the Kiwi’s current description is ‘A flighless bird with unusually large eggs.’. Apart from the typo, may I suggest changing it to ‘Compared to their body size, these surprisingly fast little critters lay the largest eggs of any bird species.’The penguins from your mod have the ‘flighless’-typo in there, too – Just a heads-up!Thank you for your efforts in creating all of this for us! 🙂

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