HolyWasher (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of Holy Washer for 1.1 made by Mlie

Holy Washer is a washing machine that washes off tainted effect from clothes. No more taint on that apparel!



Non-steam version[github.com]

Original C# Code – Blacharnia
C# Code – Mlie
XML Code and Artwork – sma342
Additional C# help – erdelf
1.0 Textures – HCSK Team

  • Thanks for a great mod! No biggie but if I try to assign the bill to a specific colonist (just above the skill range slider), I get these errors and the list only shows ‘Any worker’ (same for the basin and the machine). Everything else still seems to work fine.’Can’t find a WorkGiver for a BillGiver HolyBasin1096080”Generating pawn restrictions for a BillGiver without a Workgiver’
  • i dont like the mods that just removes the ‘worn by corpse’ effect. but this mod ist one of my favorites because u need to provide a washer and need someone to washe the ‘dirty’ clothes. I would go so far that this mod is a must have for me in RimWorld. I would be realy happy if the Mod-Dev could update it to Version 1.1. Hope to be able to wash the Clothes soonisch πŸ™‚
  • hi, i use the mending mod to repair clothes (and it does remove the tainted effect) but requires mending kits as fuel, and also takes some time to mend..would i be able to use this mod as well as that one, but to use this mod as a way of quickly washing clothes (without repairing them), just to remove the Tainted effect, and then later on i could use the other mending mod to repair them back to 100%?
  • Just a heads up:To increase visibilty for your mod, you might want to include the terms ‘wash’, ‘washing’, ‘machine’, ‘taint’, ‘tainted’ and ‘clothes’ in your mod description. Currently none of these terms lead to this mod when using the Steam workshop search.

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