Android tiers Enchantment

MOD Desc
Android tiers

Sprinkle some fairy dust onto some of the gfx

Enchants the following *Things*:
* Friendly android base
* Hostile android base
* Battery gizmo
* Skill gizmo
* Skymind gizmo
* Upload gizmo
* Overloead gizmo

Can be added to or removed from a save game.

Awesome game where you manage your own space colony. It’s tough, but that makes it really challenging!

Pro’sThe game is very diverse in what you can do and how you decide to survive is up to you – for example you could hunt for meat, harvest berries or just go for cannibalism.
Every playthrough is very unique thanks to the AI storyteller and the enormous diversity of characters (called ‘pawns’) that you play with
The game’s really hard. I have had moments in which my entire colony got killed by a horde of angry gazelles
Even though the game is currently still in early access, there are already a ton of mods out there to play around with and some of them totally change your game
The sheer randomness of the game made me laugh a bunch of times. I suddenly encountered a horde of cute little doggies that wanted to live with me, so I made them a nice place in my base. Moments later, my pyromaniac lesbian cleaning lady with one eye and a peg leg had enough of the little bastards and decided to set them all on fire. Now that was something I didn’t expect to happen :p
ConsIt might be a bit too hard sometimes, but its hard to determine whether random events are just too rough or that it’s simply mismanagement on my own end. I often relied on one person for specific things and if they got into trouble (or even died) that usually meant catastrophic results.
The graphics really reminded me of prison architect (they shared assets I believe) and even though it doesn’t look bad, it feels unoriginal. I respect that he dev decided to focus on what he’s good at but I hope it eventually gets its ‘own’ touch.
The name of the game is… awkward. I’ve never had so many steam friends message me saying inappropriate things when they saw me launch the game via their friendslist.
Some things feel unpolished. But that is to be expected of an early-access game. Examples would currently be caravans and using trade pods. They seem irrelevant and a huge risk, rather than being useful (as they seemingly should be)
At first I was a bit hesitant with an early access game at a relatively high price point, but I was pleasantly surprised of how complete and fun this game already is. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a fun and strategic management game!

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