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Definitely a game of stories. It is what makes this game so amazing. Here is my favorite so far.

Ricky and Anna were 2 of 3 crash survivors. Anna was a medic, and Ricky could build practically anything. Together they built a life on Rimworld, and made the most of a bad situation. They found solace in each other after many hardships, and eventually they moved in and spent a couple of seasons bunked up. Things were looking up. Progress on their community was moving at an incredible speed with Ricky’s engineering background. Anna kept everyone happy and healthy through the random raids.

But new settlers arrived, and everything changed. One was a slimmer fellow by the name of Alpha (fitting). Anna took a liking to Alpha, but Ricky had no idea. He was in love with Anna and asked her to marry him. She turned him down, and shortly after, Ricky found out she was cheating on him with Alpha. This broke Ricky’s heart. He built his own home, and watched as Anna and Alpha moved in together. This ate at him. Each day his mood became darker and darker until eventually he could take it no more. He caught Anna alone outside of the perimeter and attacked her with a knife, cut her right ear off, and stabbed her numerous times. She fell to the ground bleeding profusely. One of the guards showed up and subdued Ricky, locking him up with other prisoners. Alpha, with a bit of medical background, was able to save Anna, and nurse her back to health. He also helped Ricky recover…a mistake that would almost destroy the community.

Even after healing up, Ricky had become highly unstable. Nothing could sate his rage. The community needed him for his building skills, but every time he seemed to improve, madness would overcome him, and he would have to be subdued by a guard or warden before he could do more harm.

The community made a mistake keeping Ricky and the other prisoners in wooden rooms. Trying to earn their trust, perhaps welcoming them into the colony one day. Ricky took advantage of this. He, with two other prisoners, staged a prison break. While the other two prisoners went to dig their way out of a back room, Ricky began rampaging through the colony. He was finally shot and killed by a guard with a shotgun. Ricky had gone too far.

The other two prisoners managed to escape, never to be seen again. Thankfully Anna had recovered by the time of the prison break, and with Alpha’s help, they nursed the injured community members back to health. They all visit his grave from time to time and give what thanks they can to this troubled man who almost single handedly built their community, and almost tore it apart.

A season later and Anna and Alpha are getting married come summer. After surviving a toxic fallout winter, and other hardships, apparently they grew closer together. Anna also just passed her 54 birthday, and as a gift, the gods gave her Carcinoma.

I’m not really sure what I’m doing, food is running low, people are getting depressed from how bad the accomodations are on this planet. I mean, what do you expect? We are living in a small alcove carved out from the sheer mountain wall in a desolate alien planet, it’s no Ritz Carlton…

My main hunter got sad from sleeping on the hard rocky floor for too many nights in a row. He threw his rifle on the floor, took off his shirt and pants off and started wandering outside, eventually fixating on a wild turkey and followed him around for days. I wonder why he decided to do this?

Rimworld is an attempt to replicate a semblance of Dwarf Fortress’s complexity with actual GRAPHICS. I’ve always felt DF was one of those games that was much more fun to read about rather than play, somewhat like Eve online. From what I understand Rimworld doesn’t come close to emulating DF level complexity, but it is extremely intricately detailed in its own right.

Injuries are simulated all over the body(To the level that a guy can have his right ring finger bitten off by a beaver), colonists have their own personalities and wants/ skills, as well as unique traits. These make all the colonists feel more like real people as they have a semblance of personality, for example some of them won’t really mind living in squalor, while others want an extravagant bedroom or nice chairs or something. You can assign tasks but not all of them can do everything so optimizing job priorities is a large part of the game’s challenge. Colonists will develop relationships with one another, ranging from falling in love alll the way hating one another and starting fights. You really get the sense that yes, you can tell them what to do but they are their own self contained entities with wants and needs that require management or else on day they’ll decide, ‘ it, I’m out’ and start stabbing and eating everyone else or something.

Combat is more interesting too, with cover based shooting, melee combat, automated turrets, traps, etc. It is much more complex than the standard ‘Right click on someone and go hit him’ of other similar games.

Rimworld’s graphics are the simplistic, charming Prison Architect style, with similar mechanics in ‘zoning’ and construction mechanics. This game has been in development for years and it shows, there are plenty of features and mechanics in this game, as well as a distinct lack of bugs (so far).

My one complaint is that there isn’t much of an in game tutorial, but there is a helpful advice message system which helped me out a lot. Still, I would’ve preferred a small mini campaign like in Prison Architect so I can at least get a general idea what I should prioritize and what I should work towards, but I’m sure this information will come with time as I mess around in the game more.

Highly recommend this if you like colony simulators, it’s amazing!

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