[KIR]No Turret Barrels Replacing[1.0]

MOD Desc
Want to turtle or go back making your… *sigh* killboxes without wasting steel or uranium on refueling by changing their barrels your turrets?
Well this mod is for you!

This mod removes replacing the barrel of your turrets with a simple patch and turtle away!

For More Vanilla Turrets B19 please go to No Turret Barrels Replacing More Vanilla Turrets Patch

For Rimsenal – Security pack please go to No Turret Barrels Replacing Rimsenal – Security pack patch

For the old B19 Versions of No Turrets Barrel replacing go Click this link below to download the B19 version.
Google Drive B19 Version[drive.google.com]

This mod will kill & ruin the challenge of Rimworld in late-game when your base is full of turrets when your base is well designed in defense.

This mod author is not a fan of making killboxes…

Credits Tynan Sylvester and Ludeon for creating this amazing game.
Marnador for the RimWorld Fan made custom font.
ZorbaTHut for xpath patch feature and Zhentar for the xpath tutorial.

Us three found ourselves being drop-podded in a desert bare of land and crops.
We build an nice looking refugee so that we can plan our scape from this planet.
In this world, there is a mad god called Randy Random
Randy decide to throw a sappers raid into my colony
They breach my walls, destroy my power supply and my fridge, burning all my food.
A Hot wave beggins.
Another raid of local tribals show up and go through my breached walls.
They incapacitate and kidnap my only cook and doctor.
My cook’s pet iguana sees the scene and shed’s a tear.
The iguana goes berserk inside the Hospital.
It kills 2 of my constructors that were bleeding after the raid.
All that is left is my Pop Idol, that can’t cook, grow, our haul.
She kills the iguana and eats it’s raw flesh.
She dies of starvation.

10/10, gg wp.

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