Mending Medieval

MOD Desc
Now you can mend in medieval times!
This mod is a patch for the awesome MendAndRecycle mod being maintained by Charlotte. I had nothing to do with the creation of the original mod. My only contribution is this patch.

What does this mod change?
This mod allows you to use MendAndRecycle in your medieval playthrough, by making these changes:

  • Research prerequisite changed from Electricity to ComplexClothing and Smithing.
  • Mending kit recipe is locked behind Mending research.
  • Only have access to simple mending jobs, not complex.
  • Work amounts needed for simple mends has been increased to 360 (from 50, and 100). I felt this change accurately reflected that: what we are calling ‘simple’ was probably rather complex for people living in medieval times.
  • Complex mend recipes are locked behind machining (if you somehow are able to research that during your playthrough). This is basically in place to prevent you from mending incendiary launchers and machine pistols that you maybe find in cryptocaskets or quest rewards, etc. The work amounts for these jobs has been increased to 540 from 200, to again reflect the medieval era knowledge. Though how your medieval pawns can understand machining (and electricity) is something you need to explain, yourselves!

What can you expect to see in game?

  • Your mending table will not require any electricity. It will still need to be fueled with mending kits.
  • All mending jobs are going to take more time.
  • You will be able to mend any clothing item (notice I say clothing, not necessarily apparel), such as jackets, pants, hats, etc. This includes clothing from Vanilla Apparel Expanded like the apron, overalls, and chef’s uniform.
  • You will be able to mend any armour that is lower than flak. This includes plate armours, wooden armour, and simple helmets.
  • You will not be able to mend flak armour items, advanced helmets, marine armour, bullet-proof vests, etc.
  • You will be able to mend any melee and bow weapons from neolithic and medieval. (This means you cannot mend the compound bow from Vanilla Weapons Expanded, or any other industrial bows)
  • You will not be able to repair any firearms. This includes the musket and flintlock from Vanilla Weapons Expanded, despite being medieval weapons.

With the increased workAmount (and thus increased mending kits used), mending is now more of an investment. Keep those masterwork blades in excellent shape. Mending will still be better value than crafting new for just about every item. Maybe now, though, you won’t want to waste effort mending a ‘normal’ weapon, when you could save those resources and try to craft something better.

Is this safe to add/remove with existing saves?
Yes, to the same degree that the original MendAndRecycle mod is.

If you’re adding, make sure to delete any complex mend bills first. If you’re removing, you don’t need to do anything. Just make sure you read about adding/removing MendAndRecycle, as well.

Edit: This game is still amazing. Never a dull moment! Buy it!

I adore this game. I’ve never played a game exactly like this before, but I love survival games, I love base builders, and I dabble in strategy. Watched a streamer play it and knew I had to have it. Have already sunk 100 hours into it. My first few colonies didn’t make it to a week. Each time I restarted, I had a different experience. Crazy, hilarious things happening left and right! It can seem overwhelming at first, with so much that can happen, and no hand holding, but just by going slow I got the hang of everything. I’ve fought off slavers, harvested organs from prisoners, watched as my beloved pet was devoured by a wild animal, and had to arrest a colonist who became fixated with dead bodies..yikes! It’s never a dull moment, and the fact that if you ever do get bored, you can mod the crap out if it, makes buying this a no brainer. Well worth the money, so if you see it on sale, grab it!

“Jagerbomb has broken inside and has become obsessed with corpses.
He is going to dig up a corpse and present it for all to see.
The final straw was intense pain.”

This colonist took a body from outside and threw it down in the mess hall on the dining room table when everyone was eating dinner. 10/10 would play again

Rimworld is an amazing game that is never the same twice. Incredibly rewarding when you figure it out and get a working colony but all around brutal at every step and never a dull moment. It has it’s quirks but for a game that emulates real life only you are the one to blame when things go wrong.

It has been a fun journey through the early access and seeing the game evolve for the better each time. The learning curve can be quite steep and you will fail many times before you come up with a successful idea for how rooms are to be laid out, defenses placed and battles fought. You are only limited to your imagination.

It started well I got 4 people with 1 Yorkshire terrier called Xavier
I managed to find some mortar shells for some reason
all was well
got food, beds and power
then a storm happened
lightning set my storage on fire
it spread to the mortar shells while one of my guys was fighting the fire
It blew it all up and him aswell
the other colonists saw it happen
saw there friend explode
one person went mental
killed xavier
and badly damaged one of the colonist
the other two badly wounded the mental one
and all the medicine and aid blew up with the mortars so two out of the three colonists left are bleeding badly
so they both go to bed
the last one goes on a food binge because Xavier her dog died
the two bleeding colonists died overnight
and the third one died a couple of days later from starvation because going on a food binge and eating all the food

Didint even get attacked once.

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