Dragon Mod

MOD Desc
Version 1.2.3

Dragon will spawn rarely in the world. They’re quite dangerous and tough. The types of dragon that spawn varies depending on the biome. They are also tameable and can be used for caravaning but their proudness and temperant make them very difficult to tame as well as being a very dangerous endeavor. Dragons will always retalitate, hunting one while illprepared is suicide and god helps you if your colonist are the one being hunted.

If you’re lucky enough you may come across a domestic breed that is easily tameable.

Mod include dragon frequency if too little shows up in your world.


For prosthetic and enhancement
Cyber Fauna https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1548649032

For fire breath attack.
Animal Range Framework https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1588397113

WIP and Missing currently in 1.0 :

*Need to change hit sound from fire breath attack.
*No dessication model for dragon corpse yet.

Changes from Beta:

*Rebalanced leather protection and value.
*Rebalanced Dragon.

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1163162658 Credit Wagwansugar for the original mod, he has given me permission to update and maintain the mod.

Original Description
There are no dragon mods at steam so I made my own mod because why not. Dragons are very strong and have protection from sharp and blunt damage, also includes a basilisk.
Credits to ShadowTani for letting me use her chemical extraction from her Chemicals and Neutroamine mod and the original sprites are from GreyFluffs and Tammabanana’s Animal Fantasy mod.

Happy Rimming 🙂


Given my current work schedule and lack of motivation I decided I am unable to continue to work on Rimworld mods and will be making an exit in the mod scene indefinetely.

I hereby will be allowing my work to be continued and published by other. I ask only for credit. This will apply to all my current workshop.

FYI the Dragons can’t be bought or sold from traders because the animal trade tags have changed. Instead of ‘StandardAnimal’ and ‘BadassAnimal’ needs to be changed to one of these: AnimalCommon, AnimalUncommon, AnimalFighter, and AnimalPet. I manually changed mine to AnimalUncommon and AnimalFighter (matched the bear trade tags).Additionally for some reason I get both ‘Dragons’ which happen to be purple/blue/etc and ‘Purple/Blue/etc Dragon’. Why are some dragons named with their color and some not? I couldn’t puzzle out from the mod files how many actual dragon types there is supposed to be. I have a ton available to me in my game for some reason.

Valkyrie I’ve figured out how to update the textures on my own. I’m going to fiddle with the code some more but I would like some information on how to add & remove mobs. I’m not a coder and I don’t actually know any languages, I can only understand it a bit and at least enough to do basic adjustments to code (spawnrate changes, pawn size adjustment, attack power, defense stats etc) so when I tried to remove a mob there were 2 error codes that made the game load a bit slower. Any help would be greatly appreciated and please get into contact with me on Steam or Discord, thanks. And for there would have to be a patch to add the spawn rates into those areas, once I’m done adjusting the base mod I’ll see if I can make it compatible with the mod you’re talking about, shouldn’t be too hard (hopefully).

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