[B18] Backup Generators

MOD Desc
Backup generators provide a stopgap to prevent black/brownouts when battery reserves are depleted.


Newer! B19 version is here!

New! Check out BaRKy’s awesome mod showcase video!

* Generators start producing power when connected reserves are critically low (<= 200 Wd) and stop when reserves exceed 1000 Wd or their power is flicked off/on
* Brand new art! Uranium version! Thanks, Xsile!
* Configurable low and high reserve values in mod settings. Thanks, Herbiems89!

* Each generator type should appear in the Power category when the research requirements are fulfilled
* Generators consume some fuel even when idling, although less than power-producing Vanilla fueled generators

* 1200W
* 75 capacity
* 5 days active
* 2 quadrums 7 days idle
* Electricity, Batteries to unlock
* 150 Steel, 6 Component to build

* 2100W
* 75 capacity
* 7 1/2 days active
* 1 year 2 quadrums idle
* Refining, Microelectronics Basics to unlock
* 200 Steel, 8 Component to build

Mobile Chemfuel:
* 900W
* 20 capacity
* 1 1/3 days active
* 12 1/2 days idle
* Refining, Microelectronics Basics to unlock
* 80 Steel, 4 Component to build

* 4000W
* 1 capacity
* 10 days active
* 2 years idle
* MultiAnalyzer and Component Assembly to unlock
* 250 Plasteel, 150 Steel, 10 Component, 10 Uranium to build

Mobile Uranium:
* 1800W
* 1 capacity
* 5 days active
* 1 year idle
* MultiAnalyzer and Component Assembly to unlock
* 80 Plasteel, 60 Steel, 6 Component, 5 Uranium to build

Feedback Welcome
Let us know if there are bugs, balance issues, or features you’d like to see!

Change Log

2018/03/21, 1.4.1: Mod showcase video link, tuning
* Thanks to Fistandantillus7 for the research balancing!
* Lowered uranium build costs
* Documentation FINALLY shored up to be accurate *ashamed lemur*
* Reversed this change log

2018/03/21, 1.4.0: B18 support, HugsLib added for configurable settings
* Special thanks to Herbiems89 for these updates!

2018/03/20, 1.4: B18 Support and Settings
* Adds support for B18
* Low and High Power Thresholds can now be configured via ingame Mod Settings Menu

2017/08/01, 1.3.1: Generators work without batteries!
* Also, TL;DR documentation

2017/07/30, 1.3: Updated size/graphics and tuning
* Thanks to Xsile for new graphics and adjustments!

2017/07/14, 1.2.2: A17 support
* Thanks to ProximityMicrowave for beating me to the punch!

2017/04/08, 1.2.1: Behavior additions
* Generators can now be minified, i.e. installed/uninstalled
* Since they generate some amount of heat, the heater hinting shows when placing generators
* Documentation flub on 1.2

* Animations!
* Size and orientation changes, TBD
* Other options?

Please feel free to pull this apart and make any derivative work you like as long as it’s not a straight copy to claim this work as your own. Attribution is not required but is always appreciated.

I love this game.

But thank god for mods!
There are sooo many cool and diffrent things to add and change or simply flavor your gameplay.
And it seems robust enough not to have much dificultied changin what you enable and disable, within reason.

So do not be afraid to get something silly or op, you can change it later when you know the game and dont need crutches, or simply want to try somehting else with a twist, or got bored with the slilly thing.
You can have SOOOO many fun mods.
Every playthrue you can make so different.

And that is not even mentioning the loads of fun and different senarios people have made.
Everything from fallout to star wars to sole survivor things, i dunno but there are soo many good ones.

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