Appearance clothes[1.0-1.2]

MOD Desc
You can set up appearance clothes.
This MOD is powered by Harmony Patch Library.

B19 version :

Description – Add ‘Clothes’ Tab in colonists(You can set up appearance clothes in this tab).
– Checkbox ‘Enable appearance clothes’ : Clothes displayed of colonists will not be current clothes(apparels, equipments), but will be appearance clothes.
– Button ‘Body’ : you can change appearance body type.(*1)
– Button ‘Add’ : you can add clothes to appearance clothes.
(It is impossible to set the drawing order of appearance clothes of overlapping parts)
– Button ‘Copy from apparel’ : you can copy to appearance clothes from current clothes.
– Button ‘Preset’ : you can load preset into appearance clothes , or save current appearance clothes to preset.(*2)
– Dish(?) icon button in cloth row : you can change color of the cloth.(*3)
– X icon button in cloth row : you can delete the cloth from appearance clothes.
– Mod config.

*1 Support only Human race.
*2 Presets including cloth added with unloaded MOD will be displayed in red(no error occurs).
*3 Only ThingDef contains ‘CompColorable’ in <comps>.

Compatibility – Races that <thingClass> is Pawn (*4)
– If you have added Humanoid Alien Races or Garam Race Race races, I recommend using following patch mod.
Appearance clothes – Humanoid Alien Races Patch
Appearance clothes – Garam Race Patch
*4 If it’s not human, you cannot change appearance body type

Incompatiblity – JetPack

Language – English
– Japanese
– German (by Quadrum)
– Chinese Simplified(by Zephyr)
– Chinese Traditional(by Zephyr)
If you show me the link of translation file, I will add language file to mod.

License – CC BY-NC-SA
– MIT License
Copyright 2017 TammyBee

Other versions Old versions of the mod can be found on Dropbox.

i cant share a full log for some reason. so there is one more error:Exception filling tab AppearanceClothes.ITab_Pawn_AppearanceClothes: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at AppearanceClothes.ITab_Pawn_AppearanceClothes+c__DisplayClass20_0.b__0 (Verse.ThingDef def) [0x00000] in :0 at System.Linq.Enumerable+c__Iterator1D`1[Verse.ThingDef].MoveNext () [0x00000] in :0 at AppearanceClothes.ITab_Pawn_AppearanceClothes.AddAppearenceClothes () [0x00000] in :0 at AppearanceClothes.ITab_Pawn_AppearanceClothes.FillTab () [0x00000] in :0

Yeah I think that’s the case, I looked at the source code it seems like he also used HarmonyPatch post fix to ‘fix’ the head offset which seems to only know how to follow vanilla body type head offset. That’s why i thought it’d be nice if tammyBee could make a slider to let us adjust the head offset ourselves. As for boob slider…well I doubt that’d be possible without some sophisticated 2D image warping algorithm for it to work. And tbh I am no rimworld modding expert so I don’t even know how to compile a simple rimworld mod, I can only really just read XML and C#, but that’s all. I don’t know any built in functions rimworld offers in C# nor anything in the harmony patch library, so my hands are tied. And ultimately it’s tammyBee’s mod, so he gets to choose what he wants to do with it. I am just trying to provide some feedback and speculating because I love this mod too and wish it would be more compatible with other aesthetic mods like alien races.

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