Ivory and Jade Carving (Continued)

MOD Desc
Update of Sunlaces mod


Non-steam version:

– Added unfinished-thing and increased the sculpting time slightly.
– Added thrumbo-horn

— Sixdd Description —
!!This is a repost and not my own work. All credit goes to the original author as noted below.!!

So I really liked this mod from B19 but the author hasn’t been seen for a while, so I updated it and am releasing it for all to enjoy. If there was any license for the old version then it still applies to this.

If the original author wants me to delete this I will respectfully do so.
Original Author: Sunlace
Updated for 1.0 By: Sixdd

— Original Description —
You can engrave elephant tusks with artwork, increasing their value and giving them an art description. You could put them in a colonists room for a moderate beauty buff, but selling them is probably your best bet!

You could instead carve an elephant tusk into three ivory figures, these don’t have quality levels and can stack up to 75. The three are more valuable than a Normal Quality engraved tusk, but are less valuable than a Good Quality engraved tusk. So it really depends on if you have a skilled artist and how much storage space you have. The ivory figures are sorta like silver, their only purpose is for bartering.

You also have two items to choose from with jade carving. Jade urns are the equivalent of ivory figures and one urn requires one jade. Urns are twice as valuable as jade itself, but you do have to carve the jade so a little work must be done.

Finally you can make a jade band (a bracelet), this also uses a single piece of jade, but has quality levels like the engraved tusk. It can be worn by all colonists and gives them a slight boost to negotiating and bartering (15% and 5% respectively). It goes into the same clothing layer as a smokepop or shield belt would, so now you have three options for that clothing layer! Also please note that a colonist does need their arms to wear a band.

One of the best early access games I’ve ever played. This game has kept my attention for over 140 hours so far, and I plan on sinking a lot more into it. Absolutely addicting and well worth the price. There are so many different ways this game can play out due to the variation of colonist skills and personalities, game type, starting biome, and a bunch of other things. The mods are top notch and the community are very helpful.

A small story from my game: Decided to accept a pyromaniac with a very low breaking point and no skills to speak of into my colony – spent a while basically guarding her whilst she kept starting fires around my home place. After a while, I felt I had enough of her and locked her in a room with utterly nothing to her name (I had even taken the clothes off her back) and let her starve to death. I forgot to look at the colonist relationship screen before I did this. Turns out, she was the daughter of one of my hard-working colonists. The mother falls into a deep depression and can barely do any work before she breaks and binges on beer. She passes out and wakes up with a mammoth hangover, thus making her mood worse and breaking again. It decended into a vicious cycle, and I could no longer keep beer in my stockpile. The mother eventually recovered somewhat… but I didn’t. I felt utterly awful, and now I try not to take in people who are mental and/or have a severe lack of skills, and check the relationships tab before I… uh.. ‘let go’ of colonists.

10/10, will be playing for at least another 140 hours.

Your life will be better, for playing Rimworld; Though, you may lose your soul to Rimworld, as well. It doesn’t hurt — Your soul will simply, slowly merge with Rimworld. The feeling of ecstasy will carry you into daily life with a sense of satisfaction, knowing that you’re ready for any disaster, imagined or real.

You’ll learn to build a shelter, hunt for food, how to cool and heat your shelter, build magic roofs out of thin air, produce fine cowboy hats made from human leather (don’t worry, you’ll only use the corpses of your enemies — you may need to make enemies, first. It’s fine, they’ll understand your aggression in this time of need and post-humously praise your fine fashion tastes), and the merits of cannibalism when facing hunger and freezing conditions (the hat synergy!) All wonderful life tools.

Take some time, off work. In fact, quit your job. You’re going to need all the time you can muster to pour yourself into the beautiful abyss of Rimworld. You’re going to need the time to figure out how to build a spaceship, so you can LIVE Rimworld.

‘All I want to know is … WHO’S COMING WITH ME?!’

The serious stuff:
This is the single, greatest game I have ever had the immense pleasure of playing. Been playing since Alpha 13 and the game has only improved, over and over again. Rimworld is an example of what Kickstarter projects should be and Ludeon is a fine example of what gaming companies should be. You will not be disappointed. You will not ever lament the expense of purchasing this game.

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