Ratkin/Rabbie/Dragonian/Moyo RBSE compatibility patch

MOD Desc
An all in one patch allowing compatibility between any of NewRatkinPlus/Rabbie The Moonrabbit race/Dragonian race/Moyo-From the depth and Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion, you don’t need to subscribe to all prerequisite.
Allowing the new races to be installed with RBSE body parts, also moving the bionics added in the race mods to RBSE workbenches.
Not tested yet, report any bugs as soon as possible.

Load order:
Rah’s Bionics and Surgery Expansion

Alien Mods

This Mod

Absolutely love this game. Bought it almost a year ago, had a long time where I didn’t play because my schedule went to crap, but started it up again and it’s still incredibly fun. I don’t write reviews a lot so this may not be superhelpful, just wanna give this game the credit it deserves.

How easy to learn?
Learning helper and tutorial help a lot when you first start, makes it very easy to use and get started. Occasionally use the wiki for things (I.E. cloth comes from growing cotton, not hides etc) but you probably won’t even need to. Must adapt as game goes on, but worth it and gradual.
Overall: Very easy to learn, sometimes difficult to play

Content variation?
Huge range of options. Types of clothes, types of rocks, work priorities(Auto or manual), relationships, skills, raids, politics, etc.
Overall: Incredible but not overwhelming

Obviously varies mod to mod, but it lets you tailor the experience with new tools, behavior, etc.
Overall: Wide variety, often very good quality


Tl:Dr; Fantastic game, even more so for being in early access. Would enthusiastically reccomend to anyone who loves sim, sandbox, base-building, and survival games.

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