Realistic Human Sounds B18

MOD Desc
Are you Tired of watching your pawns battle it out with those raiders by shooting each other but are completely quiet like if they’re in an nerf battle?
Worry no longer!
introducing A Custom modifed made Mod that adds pain and death sounds to most pawns.
Now Your battles will sound Realistic. And Painful.

Most sounds are from the Battlefield series.

Note that there are no seperate sound files for FEMALE pawns in this mod.
Unless someone can help find the code line that Triggers & targets female pawns only.

mod only adds;
– Pain and Death sounds for human pawns.
– Leave suggestions if you have any ideas.


Ricky – Original Mod code from Immersive Human Sounds A17.

~Bushido~ – Bringing the mod’s code up-to date for B18

It is truly a rare game where even failure seems glorious. As your colony gets overrun by insects and your only expert shooter is having a mental breakdown because he was just dumped by his girlfriend, you will laugh and cry at the same time. Even when months of careful building comes down in one night, you will not rage quit. Because you are transfixed by the drama of death unfold. Colonists who you know intimately lie dead around your colony. And a lone survivor weeps uncontrollably, trying to drown it all in drugs and alcohol. Welcome, to Rimworld.

You will love this game if you are into base building, tower defense, farming, hoarding, hunting, human relationships, and surviving against all odds. The difficulty can be customized, allowing you to play at your pace and style.

Ok so I have been playing this game since August of 2015 (pre-steam release) and I’d say I put about 400+ hours into the game. I feel I can comfotable give a decent review. From me, this game receives a 9.2/10 . This game only gets better with its constant stream of updates. Some say it feels unfinished but in my opinion this could ship as a finished game now.

Pros High replayability.
Fun combat mechanics.
Open building system with tech trees (Building is similar to Prison Achritect).
Indepth health system.
Many different play styles.
Lots of mods available.
Cons Some bugs.
Can be hard to start off / mildly steep learning curve.
No solid end-game.

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