CM Color Coded Mood Bar [1.1+]

MOD Desc
Color code each pawn’s mood bar within the colonist bar based on their current mood.

Red: extreme mental break threshold
Orange: major mental break threshold
Yellow: minor mental break threshold
Gray: neutral mood
Light Blue: content
Green: happy


24-09-2017: Removed unnecessary error log messages.
18-11-2017: Updated for RimWord version 0.18.1722, and added content and happy mood colors.
04-05-2019: Updated for RimWorld version 1.0.2231.

24-02-2020: Updated for RimWorld version 1.1 (1.1 only, won’t work on 1.0)
27-02-2020: Added outline box for break risks as previously extreme had such a small bar it was usually not visible.
29-02-2020: Added Mod Settings to allow changing the color of each threshold and disable the mental break outline box if needed.
01-03-2020: Fixed memory leak.
04-04-2020: Added option to put the break box on top of the colonist (default off) so it is more visible for the larger colonists.
15-06-2020: Added optional neutral break box (default off).
28-07-2020: Added Optional Schedule Box to show colonists current schedule.
04-09-2020: Added optional illness icon for illnesses that require immunity.
05-09-2020: Added optional bleeding icon with 3 sizes based on bleed rate.

Manual Install download and source code:

  • Hi! I’m getting an error, and it’s possible that it is your mod. Currently it’s the only one that I’m using that changes the GUI. I thought at first that it was RimHUD, and the error went away after i disabled it. But i just got it again with it disabled.I don’t know how to reproduce it yet, because it seems kinda random. When the error happens it repeast infinitely, most of the GUI vanishes (save from the menu when i press ESC), and i need to reload the save.Here are the Again, I cant be sure that it is this mod, but I can’t really test it and it’s the only one that changes anything related to the GUI.Thank you in advance!
  • Just installed this. Get the same problem as previously posted, first single colonist pictures vanish leaving only the boxes, then different UI elements stop showing up correctly. Like the Event Log on the left side showed the text but without the mail images. Then things got laggy and I restarted the game. But it seems to happen pretty much after <10 mins of play for me. Gotta disable it for now. Hope you can fix this.
  • People need to be sure WHAT color mod they are loading. I used this, but at some point I switched it with the other color mod, that has the same name, but has support for 1.0 and 1.1, because it was the mod I used before the update. When switchen the mod it dosn’t give an error when loading an savegame, guess because of the same name. So for people that get error. Unsubscripe form the other mod, or besure to select the color mod from *CrashM*.Then it works!
  • I’ve been experiencing issues lately where the game will begin to graphically glitch slightly, particularly on the edges of the screen (flickering), then, upon a save and reload, the mood bar will be entirely gone and will not return even if disabled and re-enabled. I suspect this might be a memory leak with a different mod, but if it is it’s only effecting the mood bar for whatever reason. In case this happens to me again, would you want the logs from before I save the game and the issue becomes present, or the logs from after a save is loaded with the issue?
  • Hey, i’ve just got an observation for usability of this mod. When the mood is low is when it is important. But that’s also when the visual impact of showing a very low bar in red makes it hard to notice that there’s just a sliver of red. Is there a way of just changing it so that the entire background of the toon is the right colour? I don’t care about whether the number is high or low for mood, I just want the colour representation to be obvious?

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