[A18] Balanced Neutroamine Production

MOD Desc
Despite entirely forgetting how to mod and losing interest in RimWorld, due to the overwhelming amount of requests, I have finally updated the mod to Alpha 18, enjoy! (Special thanks to CIEm for providing basically all of the code for the version change)

A simple mod that adds a plant called Neutroaleaf, Which can be refined into Neutroamine at a drug lab or turned into Herbal Medicine at a crafting spot. I’m aware that mods that add craftable Neutroamine already exist, But I felt like they were a little unbalanced sometimes, So I made my own and did my best to keep it balanaced.

Full crafting process:
Plant Neutroaleaf.
Harvest Neutroaleaf to get Neutroaleaves.
Refine Neutroaleaves in a drug lab. (Requires research ‘Neutroaleaf Refining’)
Or turn into herbal medicine at crafting spot.

Should be compatible with pre-existing saves.

If you have any issues with the mod, Before asking me about it I would suggest reloading the mod, That usually fixes any problems, Though one user has specified their issues and found out it might conflict with ‘Animal Tab’. So if you use that mod you might want to disable it, Or disable this.

Will most likely confict with any mod that overwrites Neutroamine.

Thank you for potentially downloading!

  • Do both. Keep the level 12 skill barrier and make it require things like refrigeration and large quantities per unit. Makes the game more interesting if you have an event like power going out or your one level 12 grower dies. Dealing with those kind of hiccups is what the game is all about. Kindry is right that level 12 is quite possible to obtain in the early game. But it’s still an extra element of complication, which is a good thing.But on the whole production scale thing… As it is, it is op. Makes high value drug production to easy. Get an orbital beacon & you can sell the mass of drugs & buy whatever else you need. You either have to offset it with a really long growing time so it’s at risk of season change and blight (think devil strand) and low yeild per crop. Or have a short growing time with really high yield, and high cost to craft so it takes a lot of work to produce.
  • If you want to update the mod to A18:In About.xmlChange:0.17.0 to 0.18.0*****In ResearchProjects.xmlChange at the very beginning and at the very end of the file: and to and *****In DiamondsPlantsCultivated.xmlChange at the very beginning and at the very end of the file: and to and *****In MakeHerbalMedicine.xmlChange at the very beginning and at the very end of the file: and to and Change Crafting To 0
  • I can definetely see where your coming from, Thank you for the feedback, But honestly I was always just trying to make my personal gameplay more interesting, I didn’t expect it to fit everyone’s needs, And the Herbal Medicine thing doesn’t replace healroot, As it takes multiple Neutroaleaf plants to turn into one herbal medicine, And requires the crafting. I’m also working on a hardcore version that will make it more difficult to get Neutroamine and removes the Herbal Medicine crafting, Also gives MORE purpose to Healroot as it’s required to make neutroamine in the hardcore version, And Neutroaleaves have a much larger growing time. Hopefully you will be satisfied with the hardcore version when I release it.
  • I wouldn’t mind seeing a Neutroamine mod that restricts neutroamine production with work time.By making Neutroamine plants grow really fast, you increase the work load to grow it. Make the plant perishable and you need specialized storage space, then make its production require 75, or even more to produce a single bottle. This means it’s easy and fast to get the product if you have the pawns to put in the work effort.I feel this would be a more graceful approach than just putting it behind a skill barrier, that most players will ignore by using prepare carefully. This approach would also allow new/tribal colonies easier access to Neutroamine production, provided they can put in the work time to create it.In the end, this boils down to staying a relevant issue even late game, with out making it arbitrarily restrictive.
  • Until this gets fixed anyone having problems can follow these instrcutions to fix it:/steamapps/workshop/content/294100/903253578Remove the file in defs ‘Items_Resource_Manufactured.xml’ and then create a new folder at the same level as About and Defs named ‘Patches’. In the Patches folder, create a file called ‘Patches.xml’ and put this text into it:*/ThingDef[defName = ‘Neutroamine’]NeutroaleafRefiningDrugLab5
  • It’s nice to have a way to aquire neutromine without been absolutely dependant on trading for it. But if you can produce it in 50 times the quantity you could ever aquire of it before the mod then you are throwing off the original balance.Also, why did you include the option to process it into herbal medicine? You’ve got balanced in the mod title, but you’ve nerfed another crop that was weak to begin with. Why even grow healroot now? Heck why even sit on a stock of herbal medicine (which requires refrigeration) when you can sit on neutroleaf and convert it as you need it?Great mod, it fills a definite need. But it’s not really balanced. :-/

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