Bandage Wraps

MOD Desc
Adds two pieces of bandage wrap apparel to the game which slightly increases the tend quality of the wearer.

I highly recommend using this mod with Dress Patients

I felt like the Rimworld modding scene needed more thematic clothes for patients as opposed to doctors. So, I modded in some apparel famously known for covering up injuries. The body wrap was modeled after the sarashi: a samurai-style attire worn around the chest to resist attacks. The head wrap was inspired by the one worn by MGSV’s Ishmael. (Before anyone asks, yes I used Vanilla Armor Expanded’s balaclava as a base for the head wrap.)

Head wrap: +5% Tend Quality, -10% Shooting Accuracy, No Insulation from heat or cold
Body wrap: +10% Tend Quality, No Insulation from heat or cold
Asceptized head wrap: +5% Tend Quality, +3% Immunity Speed, -10% Shooting Accuracy, No Insulation from heat or cold
Asceptized body wrap: +10% Tend Quality, +7% Immunity Speed, No Insulation from heat or cold

You can craft all of these items with cloth at the crafting spot or tailoring bench. The asceptized version of these clothes require 1 additional industrial medicine and can only be crafted at a tailoring bench.

For the sake of balance, the wraps only have 2 hitpoints. This requires you to manage resources and colonist needs more tactically. It’s a good idea to keep your wraps in an indoor area and to keep those wearing the wraps away from combat.


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Rimworld is a really fun game. The modding community is very large and the options are very diverse. You can play multiple technologies and settings using only a few mods. I personally like the warhammer 40k mods that are out there. I played this game because I have been a fan and played dwarf fortress for a long time. It is very similiar and a good comparison is that it is a simplified dwarf fortress with better graphics. The only real complaint I have with the game is the loading time. Base game it is started up and running in under a minute. After adding a few mods it can take several. When trying to run the game with ten or twenty mods the load time can be as bad as 10 minutes just to get to the title screen. Having said that the game runs great once it is loaded. Overall I’d recomend the game for anyone who enjoys games about building or management. With mods you can really change the focus of the game to small squad tactics, city management or an economic simulation. Overall I would say try the game out.

1.0 is live! Congrats to the devs!

RimWorld is a fantastic game where you try to build a colony on a hostile planet. Full of bandits, rabid animals and organ stealing thieves, RimWorld forces you to make some tough decisions to ensure your colonists survive.
The game is often described as a dwarf fortress lite, which I think is fair. It’s not as complex as something like dwarf fortress but I think in many ways it’s more advanced than dwarf fortress. Everything that happens in RimWorld happens on screen. If a colonist has a mental breakdown and goes on a rampage, you have the pleasure of witnessing that. If a wild pack of dogs comes to eat your people then yeah, you will see that. Someone on a food binge? You’ll see it. Food poisoning? Get ready to see a lot of vomit.
My main issue with dwarf fortress is that most of the actions are conveyed by text which is fine for some but being able o actually see all these hilarious events is what makes RimWorld so special.

10/10. A must buy.

A nice colony management game with a space-western vibe.

Where this game shines is mods, but even vanilla is an enjoyable little stroll through danger and survival.

This is one of the few games where defeat is as fun as victory, because the stories generated are fascinating to say the least.

As an example: My first colony, everything is going well, till a heatwave strikes, my minions all pass out from the heat, slowly dying out in the jungle…until! Hark! A potential ally is being chased by a bandit! ‘Why of course you are welcome to my colony. You can grab one of their guns to fight the one bandit chasing you!’

‘You’re a pacifist?’ ‘Oh god, the bandit is killing my heat-stroked and helpless people…and starting a fire. And carrying away one of the incapacitated survivors while the other dies in the fire…’ ‘At least newcomer is alive, and will rebuild!’ ‘Oh, she’s also passed out from heatstroke….and slowly dies alone in the jungle.’

Great game, good stories.

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