Job In Bar

MOD Desc
Puts a colonist’s job/title in the Colonist Bar below their label (name/nickname).

A colonist’s job is either their backstory (childhood/adulthood) or a custom player Title. You can give a pawn any title you want to using the rename dialog from the Bio menu. Alternately, the pawn’s backstory will be put there instead.

Please note that this mod does NOT show the current job that the pawn is performing. This mod only shows a pawn’s job title from their story.
I made this mod because I needed to organize my colonists and I missed Pawn Badge, which never updated to 1.1. Vanilla RimWorld already has a system for entering custom job titles for colonists, and I always wondered why it didn’t show in the colonist bar to help organize and specialize.

Settings -Vertical position
-Hide when drafted
-Label color

Future Some things I’d like to implement later on.

-Set label color on an individual pawn basis
-Show Royalty titles if available
-Option to only show job title if it was set by the player

Note that this is my first mod ever and the first version of it, don’t be surprised if something breaks or performance is negatively impacted. Let me know, though and I’ll see if I can fix it.
The main shortcoming of this mod is that it does not use the label caching system that the colonist bar usually does, so with a large number of colonists it may lower performance. I don’t really know enough about these things to say.

Source Feel free to look at the source code:
Let me know if I did anything dumb.

I would definately recommend this game to people who like strategic survival games. For an early access game Ludeon Studios has implement a lot of detail and thought to Rimworld and I can’t wait to see this game reach it’s full potential.

Some of the things you can do in this game are incredible, random attacks from NPC/other colonies, random illnesses can happen from Brain Damage to Carcinoma (Cancer) to a little burn. Also many different events can happen such as a raids and new colony members joining your adventure.

You can also capture any fallen enemies to be your prisoners and the options you can have such has cutting off their body parts and storing them or selling them to pirates for Silver is increadible (not for the prisioner).

The community is amazing as well for an early access game they are a crap ton of mods for Rimworld and they are amazing, such as ones that all you to edit the colonists to your liking!

I must say this game is really enjoyable right now and even though the price might shock you for an early access game it is definately worth it!



Now that the game has been published as a fully made game it is incredible so much has been added since I wrote this review!

Easily one of my favorite games of all time, I put way more hours into it before it even came to steam, and I’ll probably put even more in now that it’s hit 1.0. The modding community for Rimworld has always been great and I’d imagine there will be an even larger modding scene now.

There’s difficulty levels for everyone, from base builder Pheobe for those that want to experience the calmer side of the Rim. To Extreme Randy for those masochists that enjoy being murdered by a pack of squirrels while your doctor is having a mental break down because of the lack of food due to the crop plague that struck as soon as you got all your rice planted.

The art and music/sounds of the game work well in its favor and as long as you’re not a graphics snob (Not sure why you’re even reading the reviews after looking at screenshots if you are) then I don’t see anyone saying they don’t work for the game.

Gameplay is pretty unique, it’s the perfect combination of survival, simulation, and colony management. Most things are random so every game you play is going to be unique, meaning that the game has almost unlimited replayability!

It’s almost too easy to recommend Rimworld, if it looks at all like a game that would interest you, give it a shot.

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