Rim of Madness – Bones Enchantment

MOD Desc
Rim of Madness – Bones

Sprinkle some fairy dust onto some of the gfx

Enchants the following *Things*:
* Bones
* Bonecrete
* Calcium Polymer
* Bone China

For each material the buildings and items have a matching color.

Misc stuff:
* Renames ‘Bone Ash’ in some instances into ‘Bone China’ since both refer to the same material.


Dingus… Dingus was a great shot and he loved to spend time in the garden. He had a sister named blackhat. One day the battery room exploded leading to a terrible fire that spread out of control quickly. The other 2 colonists (good friends who we’ve had from the start) heroically fought the blaze and both died doing so. We had 2 prisoners in a small outbuilding at the edge of the settlement, seeing that the fire would soon reach there building and either burn them to death or set them free blackhat executed them. Not being able to stop the fire We prepaired for the end. Suddenly at the last second just before the last few buildings went up, it started raining, saving what was left.
With a few small buildings left, brother and sister were still alive but starving. In desperation dingus and blackhat to my utter disgust grabbed the executed prisoners(the fire never did reach the prison building) and set the corpses on the dining table and ate them raw.
After that it got really bad… Blackhat , already upset at seeing her friends burn to death and executing 2 people that in the end, did not need to be killed, snapped. She just couldnt get over eating raw human flesh to survive.
She took off into the hills with her knife killing every little critter that crossed her path leaving a bloody trail of rampage and little corpses. dingus takes off after her. She aproaches 2 panthers and headlessly attacks them with her knife. dingus is almost to her. Blackhat is ripped apart by the 2 panthers just as her brother reaches her, forntunatly she badly crippled them both. Dingus finishes the job, digs a grave for his sister, but because of his absolute refusal to haul things,has to watch his sister slowly rot mere feet from her grave..
I knew this would be the end.. No human mind A I or otherwise could cope with all this trauma. The death the cannibalism, the horrible irony of watching a loved one rot because of your own lazienes.
Sure enough Dingus’s mood was done in. had had a full mental breakdown tore off all his clothes and just walked away from it all. Close to the end now soon he’ll starve to death or get mauled by a of turkey or somthing. .. but .. whats this?? a crashed crate full of.. DRUGS! crashed right as I came out of my stupour. right in front of me. well it lets smoke some.
1 year later 6 ppl in the colony now and things going well dingus (while stoned out of his tree) saved a girl being chased by raiders and we’ve made new friends from there.. mostley dingus has come back from his drug addiction and is leading a full life. Only thing is.. we cant get medicine, we cant grow healthroot (no one has skill high enough) and past few traders to come through maddengly dont have any. Dingus catches malaria and dies in bed.
buried next to his sister in the grave he could never finish…

Would be saved by last minute drug addiction only to die of malaria a year later again… 11/10

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