Wealthy Traders 1.1

MOD Desc
Wealthy Traders. More silver and more stuff.

I changed the silver the traders carry a minimum of 4k and a max 120k. Besides that, with all the money you now have, i’ve changed the inventory on a lot of items.

Live a healthy, bionic, lavish and/or luxury life.

To keep it a ‘bit’ realistic, this big change only applies to the orbital traders and outposts. The ‘walk-in’ merchants and visitors can only carry so much, thus they are less wealthy.

Added: Orbital tradertype The Liquidator, buys it all, but only offers gold to buy.
Added: Craftable speed skin suit and fibreskin suit*
Added: Textile Trader**

* speedskin suit and fibreskin suit are part of the Glitter Tech mod. This mod just expands on that and made it craftable.
** Textile trader is part of the OPOE mod.

althought it says i played for only 1 hour , i played this game for countless hours before the steam release , i must say this game is really fun , it has everything a survival/base building game needs , you need to manage your resources , care for your survivors needs because if someone has a mental break down he will kill everything that moves , you also need to watch out for raids by pirates or hostile tribes and most importantly wild animals that go beserk and attack your base and your people , the graphics might look similar to prison architect because the developer of this game asked for permission and he got it to use a similar art style to prison architect , and did i mention there is a steam workshop which can change the whole game , Overall the game is pretty good and addicting , some of the reviews say its a hard game , but in reality , if you watch a few let’s plays or streams you will get the hang of it .

10/10 BUY IT!

Created a medieval tribe using a mod, they crusaded across the tundra of my planet before settling down at a castle..

after hours of gameplay I effectively had created the nights watch from game of thrones. Eventually a young squire on a mining errand discovered a cave, upon entering he found a cyrotube and felt confident in opening it. To his suprise several synth soldiers and a tank spilled out and began to fight.

The siege lasted a week as many of the watch died to gunfire and the ruthless assault of machines, not even their most powerful weapon, the ballista, could stand up to these beast of hell.

Eventually they ran out of food and started to lose their mind, disease and cold snaps destroyed the infrastructure of the tribe. This resulted in anarchy, all members of the watch died a slow and painful death.


most fun i’ve ever had while watching the pain and suffering of over 30 people!

I’ve been playing RimWorld for so long it’s hard to believe it has only just reached the milestone of version 1.0… congrats to Tynan and everyone else who has contributed to this amazing game, including community modders whose work has been incorporated into this final version.

It’s a great storyteller, colony sim, and fortress defense rolled into one. Personally prefer Randy Random since it just feels right to me, as sometimes you should randomly crashl into a warzone of aggressive tribes/pirates.

And there’s nothing quite like your entire colony getting decimated due to a cascade of disasters triggered by something like a group of rabid adorable puppies. Or a single colonist who takes a lover because his wife was abducted by pirates, but then she escapes the pirates and rejoins the colony as a refugee, and the ensuing tension between the trio ends up with him divorced and dumped, after which he goes into a beserk rage.

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