Wooden Pallet [1.0]

MOD Desc
This is a Enn request :
Only the Wooden Pallet from UN-Colony mod.
Work like vanilla storage.

For complete mod : 1- UN-Colony [1.0] : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1542036108
2- UN-Furniture [1.0] : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1547681343

It was going so well. Fall was coming to an end and we had a larder filled with food that would last the winter. We were set. We might even have gotten one more quick harvest before the cold killed all our crops. Then the raid came.

I set up a defensive line and focused on killing the raiders that were attacking… I’m sure there were six of them… why are there only three here?



The other three had gone around my defensive line and were in the process of lighting massive fires all over my farmland. They shot and kidnapped one of my pacafist colonists and left. The fire however raged on, and spread from the crops to the larder. Months of work up in smoke. No Food.

Fire extinguished we set about salvaging what we could. A barely grown harvest, and the only source of meat we could find on short notice. The dead raiders. With only a handful of meals could we survive the winter? No.

Shortly after the cold set in a rogue herd of boomalopes entered the area hungry for manflesh. Maneating Boomalopes are a bit like maneating Antelopes, except when they die they also explode. Hense the boom. They can’t open doors though.

I locked my colonists inside, and hoped the threat would pass. They’d get bored and move on. But the Boomalopes could smell our desperation and lack of food reserves. They could wait. By midwinter the temperatures outside were -10 degrees and the food was gone. We needed to get outside. We needed food.

With little option my best fighter stuck her head out the door and shoot a boomalope, hopeing to wound or kill the beast. It mearly drew its ire. It charged headlong at the door, was shot at mellee range, died, and exploded. The explosion blew the door off. The herd had found a way in.

My colony burned a 2nd time, as rampant boomalopes flew towards me and exploded, lighting fires all over my base. My hunter was in bed desperatly trying to recover from explosion related injuries while my other two survivors were putting out fires.

Then the raiders came. again. They shot my two remaining survivors (one died outright, the other they left bleeding in a corner) and they kidnapped my hunter who was dying in bed. The Boomalope fires had destroyed most of the roof, and as my final colonist lay bleeding, it would turn out hyperthermia would be her eventual death, in that frigid winter of death.

I had lost, and losing was fun.

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