Dubs Skylights

MOD Desc
Simple skylight you can install into roofs to let in sunlight.

Grow plants under sunlight indoors, also allows trees to be grown indoors.

Build Indoor gardens where colonists can do outdoors activities by making a 100 cell room with at least 50 cells covered by light from skylights and at least 10 beauty plants.

Works with saves

Craft windows at electric or fueled smithy, or the electric smelter.

Where does the sand for the glass come from? same place it does for sandbag walls!



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French translation by scribio. Their Discord[discord.gg]

  • well the whole game has skill limits for everything that you need to skillup for, its kind of the basis of the whole game, its just most of the time the limits are quite low so you are likely to have 1 or 2 people that can do it, so i would do something like a skill level of 5 for crafting the windows, then anyone could install themsomeone pointed out while i was streaming… SANDBAGS… where is that sand coming from lol.im not sure if i can do cleaning because im just patching the roof check which is just on or off, can’t fade the sunlight with that, i was thinking about having windows smash during storms from debris which could cause crop loss from the cold, which is what greenhouses are good for, it would have to be rare though, tornados can also do a good job of smashing them
  • Ok, if we want keep logic in this game, there is no point to dig sand,and craft glass, if other stuff is not demanding. Personally, i am not a fan of restrict everything for skills, cause in some scenarios we can just stuck because or craft unlimited crap to learn how make a window.But stretch production in time and add more burdensome things is always good.- First i thought about something like ladder, or special Tools kit, which is need to assembly window in roof or walls. ( but this again broke logic in other stuff )- Crafting stackable windows, 1 window per 1 square (cost of 1 window 4 steel ) + 1 component while assembly- some cleaning mechanic (if windows wont be cleaned regurally, then can block % of sunlight) but always minimum 51% (this could give game a more depth)- Little heat output for balance purpose during day (1/100) of torch power per 1 squareLoose ideas 😉
  • Not sure how or if i want to do the glass, rimworld is pretty relaxed with the resources like how exactly are you making a battery out of nothing but steel, you could say that forming large panes of glass is actually quite a difficult thing to pull off when you are stranded in the middle of an ice sheet, maybe it could still just be steel but it has a construction skill limit, but then solar panels only have a skill limit of 4 so it wouldn’t really match up, if you have to get sand to make the glass or maybe stone and sand then what if you have a map with none, it would be easier to make advanced technology like batteries and solar panels and grow lamps than it would be to wait for a trader to turn up after 40 days that happens to have enough bags of sand, so then if i make it so you can dig up sand from anywhere with something like a dirt spot from veg garden then there isn’t much point in making it a requirement, soooo…..
  • Thanks for the 2×2. I’m getting used to less of a sphere of influence, just have to build more. If it’s a hassle to feather to light then yeah just leave it. As others say, it’s a little cheaty to build greenhouses with just steel and no sun lamp/power. Sunlamps use too much power compared to what is generated by turbines etc, but it needs something to make it a little less easy, and I agree it should be a resource step rather than research as there is already too much to research in a modded game. There’s a mod Glass & Lights that you may want to look at, it adds wall windows, ceiling lights and a glass making mechanic. It’s fairly involved though.Other sugestions; alter the cost based on size of window, now it’s 5 steel regardless, maybe scale to refelct the area covered. Eg 1×1=5 steel, 2×2=10 steel etc. With the frames, you may need to make them a little thicker, it’s fidily to see where you are placing them.
  • With the release of Save our Ship 2, which requires the roof of a ship to be classed as Ship Roof in order for some structures to be built and to be considered air tight for oxygen etc (to stop pawns dying, why do they need to breath anyway?) As it stands you can’t build normal skylights on ship roof, which is fair, but unless SoS2 removes the constructed roof limitation there’s no way to use this mod, for gardens without seriously restricting aliens and animals who can’t use EVA suits.As a request for fix can you please add to the mod Ship Skylights. Which can only be constructed on Ship Roofs, and require considerably more glass, steel/plasteel as resources, with some kind of health boost so they don’t break if someone sneezes. 1×1 and 2×2 sizes would be more than adequate. Thanks.

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