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MOD Desc
Why are my gruff colonists getting high on smokeleaf? Whatever happened to tobacco, you might ask. Well, now your colonists can finally grow and harvest tobacco plants. Just like with smokeleaf joints, cigarettes can be crafted at any crafting spot. Have fun!

1.2 Cigar Update! Now you can add cigars to your list of smokables in RimWorld. If you have chocolate, you can sell a far more marketable ‘chocolate cigar’ to your loyal costumers.

Further Information

  • This is not meant to be unbalanced for a vanilla game.
  • This is not a replacement mod. Smokeleaf and all other drugs are unchanged.
  • Tobacco actually has a chemical effect called ‘Nicotine’ that has very minor effects on colonists
  • Tobacco’s other differences —
    • Higher addiction rate than smokeleaf (closer to Go-Juice)
    • Lesser market value for tobacco leaves than smokeleaf (the market is flooded with the stuff)
    • Smaller mood buff than smokeleaf (only +5)
    • Has withdrawal symptoms unlike smokeleaf

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    I really like the mod! The drug effect is just impactful enough to be useful, but not enough that it’s overpowered. Or at least it was? The values as of today are less than I remember. I am surprised that the Dev didn’t put tobacco in the game initially, since it’s such a classic of the wild west genre. I do think there isn’t quite enough of a drawback in the long-term, though. You get plenty of leaves per crop, and so it’s quite easy to sustain everybody with enough cigarettes for day-to-day use. If anything, I’d probably increase the tolerance gain rate. It seems thematically appropriate for nicotine, since tolerance is one of it’s main problems IRL; people end up smoking whole packs just to get the same hit. As it stands I’ve got my whole colony one ‘social use’, and it’s been a few seasons and nobody’s addicted. It’s almost a shame!

    Back in January a couple of people asked about compatibility with Vegetable Garden. I did not notice any issues when I added Vegetable Garden to an existing save the this mod. I don’t recall there being two tobacco plants. I was able to harvest ‘tobacco leaves’ and pretty sure make cigars and cigarettes. It was an established colony so maybe no new ones were created and I didn’t notice. I never tried cigarellos, but imagine they would not have been possible because they need ‘tobacco’ not the leaves. However, I recently started a new colony with the same mods and order and can for sure only plant one tobacco plant and when harvested it produces ‘tobacco’ not the leaves. Cigars and cigarettes exist and can be purchased, though.

    Is there an ‘easier’ version of the mod by any chance? After about three cigarettes my entire colony has nicotine dependence. At that, after a day or two some (The chem fascination ones albeit) have a massive dependency stat from just three cigs a day.Also, the tobacco plant doesn’t produce all that much actual tobacco- Had to dedicate over half the hydroponics bay to keep up with demand. And rolling one cigarette at a time from crafting is super time consuming- primarily because they only produce one at a time. Maybe keep the plant production and recipe requirements, but increase how many cigars/ cigarettes you produce in one run- that way you can satisfy an entire colony’s demand without dedicating the entire colony to do so?

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