Roof Support 1.1

MOD Desc
Updated to 1.1

With the newest update, columns are buildable as apart of vanilla. However, when using the supports from this mod, a roof radius will be displayed.

This mod will allow you to build patios, covered walkways, or massive rooms without collapsing the ceiling. These supports do not impede movement, nor provide cover. Don’t forget to use the build roof command.

Special thanks to Nommy, Igabod, Minus, Shinzy, Vas, Syrchalis, Beschi,and Proxyer.

  • Denjeah I was not able to replicate your issue, my pawns are able to walk through the pillars. I can confirm that adding this mod in the middle of a game didn’t break it. (ALTHOUGH) It would be very wise to set a backup bookmark before doing so
  • Love your mod. Is it compatible with Combat Extended? Getting this error at startup.Config error in RoofSupport: has multiple damage multipliers for damageDef Bomband 5 more (of the same). So, it seems that the mods ‘concrete’ , ‘bridges’ and ‘roof support’ are all modifying the damage multipliers for ‘damageDef Bomb’.Thanks much!
  • Match, when you say they do not impede movement,that suggests that Conolists can walk right through them.Otherwise it actually does impede movement as Conolists would have to walk around them,which takes longer. ;o)Also: Thanks for updating!There are already roof support mods for 1.0, but i do not like the invisible ones.
  • Tynan is going to add the roof radius around vanilla columns, so this mod will be redundant next patch. Thank you Match for this mod, it saved my butt many times in toxic fallout events, mountain bases, and plenty of other times when I needed a roof but didnt want to place a wall. Add it to the list of amazing QOL mods that got integrated into the main game
  • Sorry for the noob questions but how do I use this? What’s meant by ‘don’t forget to use the build roof command’ (what is that?)What I would like to do is this: extend a tunnel’s roof from under a mountain to have a bit of a roof over its entrance.

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