B19 UN-Colony

MOD Desc
For 1.0 Version : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1542036108

This mod adds many things to build a new kind of colony :

For the moment this mod adds :
-> 12 generators (3 of them are portable generators),
-> 3 solar panels of different sizes, 4X4, 5X3 and 2X7 (good for wind turbines),
-> 7 floors, with different colors for some of them,
-> 20 new walls, with their associated embrasures, and some doors (Camo embrassure give a bonus of cover)
-> Fences and gates (metal grid, concrete, wood and glass)
-> Some lights, wall lights and street lights,
-> New items to build the things, with several work bench, production lines, upgrades and refinery.

Most of the added buildings depends on new researches, you have main branches :
-> Metallurgy : Bessemer Converter – Open Hearth Furnace – Electric Arc Furnace
-> Production : Production Lines – Machine Tools – Industrial Robotics
-> Construction : Construction Materials – Shielded Constructions – Camo Walls – Armored Constructions
-> Lighting : LED – Street Lights – Advanced lighting
-> Power : Fuel Oil Generators – Generator A – Generator B
-> Power 2 : Diesel Generators – Generator F – Generator G – Generator N – Generator M
-> Power 3 : Hydrogen Generators – Generator Y

Most of the added buildings need new items to be built, and must to be produces by :
-> Metalworking bench, the start bench to produce almost all but slowly,
-> Bessemer Converter and followings to transform the vanilla raw stee into steel platesl,
-> Metalworking line, to turn your steel plates into other steel materials,
-> Assembly line, for more complex components,
-> Construction machinery, to produce glass, paint, concrete and asphalt,
-> Fuel oil refinery, for industrial generators,
-> Diesel refinery, for high yield generators,
-> Advanced refinery, for advanced hydrogen generators.
A trader ship will allow you to buy and sell this items.

For maximum efficiency, you can improve your production lines with :
-> Metalworking Bench : 1 Shaper + 1 Metal Lathe
-> Metalworking Line : 1 Shaper + 1 Grinding Machine + 2 Welding Robots
-> Assembly Line : 1 Metal Lathe + 1 Milling Machine + 2 Assembly Robots

Note :
– Feel free to do whatever you want with this mod, but I’m curious about what you do so please say me !
– For moders, note I use custom8 for paint and custom7 for fences as linkFlags
– The mod is still in progress, and the item management is a little experimental, so please give your feedback or proposal !

Next features :
– More stuff will come but for security, like turrets, or for furnitures, I will have to make other mod with this one as core.
– The mod will change following balance improvements, little by little.

Hope you will enjoy !

  • : Yes it could be a method to reduce the size of the category, I check that while i have the time !For me 5 more categories work very fine but it depends maybe on the size of the screen. I thought the game managed good that..: Yes i started to make 3 batteries, the problem is the game put a filling bar on the textures (I don’t know how you call that in english, the increasing yellow thing on the batteries). It forces me to make bigger batteries than the vanilla one. For balance It’s not perfect at all, i start a real long game to see myself. : I made only textures that rotate, but fences are like walls so they build their textures following the path you build.I will check what is github 😉
  • Hello all, deep update today :- The ‘Construction Machinery’ replace now the paint, concrete and glass machineries,- The assembly line is replaced by a larger one allowing me to add larger recipes for furnitures, turrets and defences,- The Metalworking line is replaced by a larger one too,- The rolling mill and associated upgrades desapear,- The furnaces now build directly steel plates instead of steel slab,- The steel slab desapears (you will have an error message if you are in dev mod, ignore it)All old buildings are now ‘old machinery’, you can unconstruct them to take bac components and other stuff.: The basic metalworking bench has now 3 new bulk recipes for plates, tubes and grid.
  • : There’s good ideas in your question thank you ! I answer for each ones :- The solar panels do the same as vanilla ones, but sized : 4X4, 5X3 and 2X7, witch is good for who want to put them bellow wind turbines,- For the bessemer and following it’s a good idea to add recipes in that way yes ! I thought to add smelting weapons recipes too, will be for the next update,- Painted walls are only for visual if I remember good, I don’t think I added beauty value for the painted stuff, I will check also this question for floors (=> next update witch will be mainly for balance) Camo walls give a bonus of cover though.- Asphalt is good to make roads.. And I like it with yellow painted lines on it… But again, it’s good idea I can add a small speed bonus ! For concrete no, it’s only a floor..- And finally for bridges, I never used them for the moment.. So maybe one day..
  • I love the building pieces (Walls/Embrasures/Fences/Lights) but I’m not a fan of the production chain and research tree, since I have other mods with existing production chains and it tends to get too cluttered. Any chance of making a ‘Lite’ version to avoid crossover/conflicts/clutter?I made a modification for my own personal gameplay that did the following:- Removed all sub-materials except for Concrete- Adjusted costs for recipes/buildings using those materials to their equivalent Vanilla resource values, and added a bit on top to account for the lower investment into machinery. – Removed redundant production benches.- Removed dead menus/dropdowns/etc.
  • STAR : It’s a great thing you made all this changes for yourself, big work that. Of course you must to understand I made this mod first for me, and some people would certainly have only the generators, some only the building stuff, some like the production system, and when it will be released some people will ask me the furnitures alone.. But there is so many great mods on the workshop to satisfy everybody I can continue in the way I started : You consume less ressources but have to transform them.: It’s Nothing important, only a change of texture and the use of wires, which cost 10 less steel if I remember good.: Thank you !

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